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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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Got a Garr War Dog...managed to arrange for a friend to pick it up for me due to quarantine, now waiting for another Anhurian Cavalry that ended up rather nice from another friend who wanted the horse and torso for something...having one on order at the shop, so she offered to just give me the one the shop was getting for them and use the one I'd gotten a couple months ago with a defective lance arm (arm missing from just past the elbow down).

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On 1/12/2021 at 12:51 PM, Brother Jim said:



..4 of the 5 CDs I ordered.

....Nightwish - Oceanborn.

....Nightwish - Wishmaster.

....Nightwish - Century Child.

....Tarja - The Brightest Void.


I did not receive Tarja - Colours in the Dark. And I will be sending off a message about that to the seller.

hmm...I have all of those...I think (I may not have Brightest Void)

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11 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

I have a gift idea!


Baby's first lock pick!



Introduce it to them young so they grow up responsible users.

Great for developing fine motor skills early, and they can learn to count  with the lockpicking lawyer, "A click out of 1, nothing on 2, a slight click on 3....."


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On 1/12/2021 at 3:06 PM, Brother Jim said:

Today I received Deadzone Enforcers Faction Starter Set. This has 23 figures in it.


I also got an answer about the missing CD. They don't have it in stock, so I'm cancelling that part of the order.


Just waiting on the Gale Force 9 order, but I haven't gotten an email that it was mailed yet, so gonna have to email them.

It was ordered on the 1st of this month.

I have discovered that Amazon has not refunded me for the first Enforcers Starter Set that I bought, even though it was out of stock but the seller didn't know because their inventory system said they had it. I can't find a way to let them know this in their automated system, because it was never mailed. I may have to contest with Paypal. The set I received was purchased on eBay.


EDIT: I should have my refund in my cold, dead bank account by the 18th according to the rep I chatted with.


I already have the refund for the missing CD.


Even though I have an email receipt for the GF9 order, it has not been taken from my account yet.

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New Info.
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22 hours ago, Mckenna35 said:

Got my box from Black Heart Productions with some 1/6 scale busts from a certain bounty hunter show. Absolutely top notch castings. No bubbles and I've really had to look to find any mold seams. If you have the chance to snag them do it. Pretty sure they're not making a ton of these.


I was considering the first one, but I've already spent so much on resin and busts this year and its early



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Needed to get out of the house for a bit (first time in over a week....) so popped out to pick up a few things.  Unfortunately the GW lgs closed at 6 tonight, so I couldn't pick up the couple of paints I wanted.

I grabbed a few assorted plastic basket type things from the dollar store, since I need to organize all these multipart prints I'm getting printed much faster than I'm assembling them.  Didn't bother taking pics.

And my normal flgs had let me know they had a box of B2s in stock so I snagged that.  As I told my wife I wouldn't buy any Rebels until after my birthday (in case she feels like getting me some (btw, she plays my Rebels :poke:)) I didn't see anything else I needed right away (there was some Clones stuff, but I'm putting them off for a while, I already have enough white armor to paint).




That gives me 5 units of B2s, so I'll get one more box at some point I suppose.

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4 minutes ago, Brother Jim said:

Make up your own unique unit that uses a non-standard color scheme.

That way you do not have to paint all that white.

My Imperials (the ones with all that white) I like painted in the classic colours, it just is a whole lot of white between the Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, Snowtroopers, Dewback riders and Speederbikes..... I'm only half...nah, maybe a third of the way through my Imperials. (I've only painted one unit of my Rebels but that's ok, that scum doesn't need paint to be played :poke:).  I specifically wanted to do the droids now because they are super easy to get a decent tabletop paint job on most of them, so I can just slather Contrast paint on them for the most part and get them fielded, then spend my "quality" painting time on my Imperials. (Also the Imps are using painted bases so don't get attached until they are painted, so I can't play an unpainted unit. The droids are getting a quick dip in some "Mars" coloured sand and stone to give them a quick Geonosis look, so again should be quick to do).

The clones I'll want to spend some time on, I picture them with pretty beat up armor and lots of custom stripes and pattern, like the series.  So they are going to need some "quality" time to look like I picture them.  So they go in a box for now and will get painted at some point after the Imps get done, or I get tired of painting them......


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I garnered some Amazon cash over the holidays and found a golem that I didn't buy with the Bones IV KS so I bought it.



77526 :: Graveyard Golem


I also acquired two customized miniatures from Hero Forge ... 


My Grippli Rogue; Grouper



My Dwarven Herald of Loki (Fighter 19/Cleric of Loki 1); Hrogath 



I will post them to WIP once I get them primed and started. 


I also recently acquired a set of 4 lining brushes and a nice octagonal dice case and tray.


More mini Acquisitions on the way. In the process of organizing everything and hoping to put everything into my Pearltrees catalog.


Stay turned and Enjoy.  Stay safe.

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I ordered a couple of different porcelain palettes last week on the Big A, as I wanted something to use when using Contrast paints (when thinning or mixing them). They showed up this morning.



I wasn't really sure on sizes looking at the pics online and none really matched what I was thinking of so went with these two.  The right one is bigger than I was expecting but the left one seems like a good size for most of my tasks. The left one also seems like better quality, it is a Meeden and came in a nice box, while the right one came wrapped in bubble wrap in a plastic bag.....
Luckily if I don't need the right one for anything, my wife can use it when she paints.

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Finally pulled the trigger on a order I've had stashed in a cart + back on the international freight train again, this time Australia!!




Antenna is for Smokey & the Bandit Trans Am build.




Miniature Vin Diesel!!!


Resin model with photoetch trigger/trigger guard


He is in-scale for the Dodge Charger kit I'm working on. Funny thing is, I've never seen a F&F movie, ha ha.


Also snagged some pdfs off DM's Guild (redeemed some Fat Dragon KS items, figure eh get these as well)


Adventure League adventures:

CCC-UCON02-01 The Goat Mayor

(Icewind Dale)

DDAL10-03 Divining Evil
DDAL10-02 Gnashing Teeth

EB-12 The Waiting Game






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I had a double delivery today from LITKO & DecoArt.

From LITKO: 2 each of Army Painter's Meadow Flowers, Lowland Shrubs, & Woodland Turf; AND four tubes of Kneadatite, my current drug of choice.

From DecoArt 3-Canyon Orange, 1-Bright Salmon, 1-Dried Clay, 2-Saffron Yellow, 1-Primary Yellow, 2 Wedgewood Blue, 2-Bright Blue,1-Crisp Blue, 1-Ocean Blue, AND 3-Red Violet (according to Michael's this color is no longer made, the lying So & Soes):



As a little bonus, ArtDeco included a Glass Paint Marker...I do love freebies.


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