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Well, Mrs Hamster finished her 3D print job a little early.

I have acquired US citizenship!

Acquired a house.    

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6 hours ago, haldir said:

Forgot to post this one. 




Don't touch my nuts! Card game






For some reason, agents of WOOF and MEOW both loath and fear this game....


dont Judge me I am into my 5th hour of root cause analysis because someone tried to sweep a $700k loss under a very big rug.  I am a little slap happy!

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Well I ended up getting the Humble Bundle of Fallout rpg & stl files this morning. Who knows if I'll ever play or print any of it. Good deals thou.



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Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games must know when I wanna get a 5e pdf on DM'sG or dtrpg,  ha ha.


New release of FDG KS released to backers so, picked up the following pdf


Eberron AL adventure:

EB-14 Into Dust


Along with the following I've had in my cart


Lurker in Luna Lake (Ravenloft adventure (high level)

DDAL10-05 A Blight in the Darkness (latest AL adventure set in Icewind Dale)

Critical Misses Tables 5e DnD (still trying to find a good set of charts for rolls of 1. We've decided on confirming rolls of 20 for double damage)


Also, I guess you can say I've also acquired a seat at tonight's D&D game at the FLGS. One of the Saturday guys said he is going tonight so figure eh, what the hell.

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Stopped by he HW store to pick up a few bits and bobs... 

Some 1.5mm drill bits, electrical tape, saw blades, and a 62AH battery for my car...  


Just wish I had brought the car today...   


Carrying the battery the 500meters to the bus stop was... tolerable since it has a fold down carrying handle...  

Carrying the 1.5Km and mostly uphill to my home... 




It's now safe and secured in my garage, and hooked up to the charger. 



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A new "backup" LCD screen for my Mars arrived today, to replace my old "backup" LCD screen which became "the LCD screen on my Mars" last week.


There should be a couple of liters of resin arriving today, and I'll be stopping by the flgs after my massage, so I'll wait and take a picture later....


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One of the TBMF/LAF Fellows, quidamcorvus, did a review on some new(for me) scenicing material from a company named Gamer's Grass.

The stuff looked & sounded great. SO I checked to see if Noble Knight carried it; they did AND what I ordered arrived just now:

Green Shrub(2)

Green Meadow(1)

Dry Green-Wild(2)

Strong Green XL(1)

Yellow Flowers(1)




The stuff looks even better in person. I will be ordering more when N.K. restocks.

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