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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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On 3/23/2021 at 1:43 PM, Brother Jim said:

Let's see, I have either in hand or on the way.

3 Heroclix figures (I had to find something I could buy with the $5 virtual Visas I've gotten for filling out the Ohio Health Departments Covid surveys. They can't be used locally, they can't be transferred to Paypal and they can't be combined to purchase something more than $5.)


A new phone. Samsung Galaxy A51.

A one year service card for the phone.

A 512GB MicroSD card for the new phone (has the 128GB that used to be in my old phone).

A 1TB MicroSD card for my laptop. Both come with the adapters to use in SD card slots.

A water and shock resistant case for the new phone.


Some D&D minis Thri-kreen (6; two poses of 3 each) and 2 Shaitans from Pathfinder Battles.

   And both microSD cards are defective so I'm going to send them back. I just have to figure out how to print the return labels when I don't have direct access to a printer. And no, ebay won't let me copy/paste it so I can put it on a thumb drive and print from that.

   Both were off brand, learned my lesson. Going to buy name brand at a local store so if they need returned I won't have to deal with shipping them back.

   I still need to acquire a belt holster for the new phone because of course it's longer than the old phone. 6.75" tall by 3.5" wide by 5/8" thick, including the case.

Edited by Brother Jim
fixed a typo.
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Well, Mrs Hamster finished her 3D print job a little early.

I have acquired US citizenship!

Acquired a house.    

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22 hours ago, NecroMancer said:


A package from France?  Its a flat box so it's  not a mini.  What could it be....




(I know what it is I'm just building suspense)





I can't wait to read this!  Lots of studying to do!



That book has some good info in it, though if you took enough art classes you might find it covers some old ground.  IIRC during the KS he talked about making a whole series of books, but instead he went bicycling.

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Stupid Poots..  takes a lot for me to buy new KD:M stuff these days


1x Astri the Promised - HQ Warehouse (USA) - Deathgrey Edition
1x Screaming God Armor - Female - HQ Warehouse (USA) - First Run Collectors Edition


Also my Joan of Arc bust from Karol Rudyk arrived this week.  It's cool that instead of a super bendy resin spear, they added a brass rod and resin pieces that attach to the ends..

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As mentioned in the 3d printing section, I've been unhappy with my current resin printer & decided to seek something new. I've been looking into this printer even before I started the topic asking about other printers. My daughter needed something for her cosplay from big A, so figured let's do it!


Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k  came yesterday (thank you Prime!)


I do need to print an adapter for Wash N Cure as bolt is wider then the Anycubic plate, if I want to continue using it.


Also, I didn't get any new resin so I'm gonna use up what I have before buying Phrozen's own brand. 


Hopefully I'll have prints out this week!


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Because paint.. well and bright primary colors 


01678 RVE 2021 Grimm Velcro Patch 

01680 RVE 2021 Rinse Cup Bundle 

01681 RVE 2021 Faction Sticker Bundle 

09894 RVE 2021 MSP Triad: x 2

77721 Profane Altar and Books 

77722 Sealed Sarcophagus - 

30004 Romag Davl, Thief 

02146 Unholy Warrior 

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Forgot I ordered art supplies!


4 canvas paper pads in 2 sizes, black gesso, sap green, prussian blue, and payne's grey tube paints, a brush tub (had to toss my other one), and "glove lotion" (it's lotion that claims to protect skin from paint really absorbing into skin). Oh, and a small spray bottle.



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Whooo, my second resin conversion kit has come in.  Kind of surprised at just how small the box is...  Well, until I opened it up, and a good amount of the parts are together, instead of having almost every single part in it's own separate bubble...





I'm still planning on picking up a few more in the near future, namely the Yujiaoland Zaku II Commander Type, Excitation Potential's Gouf Custom converson kit, and I've found a gorgeous conversion kit for the MS-06J Zaku II that turns it into a Sazabi....

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Apparently the US is playing bad cop with importing Kolinsky brushes again.. so hopefully my order from Jacksons makes it, which also led me to find out that Candy transparent inks exist.. god help me


Raphael : Kolinsky Red Sable Brush : series 8404, size 1

Ordered: 2

Raphael : Kolinsky Red Sable Brush : series 8404, size 2

Ordered: 1

Raphael : Kolinsky Red Sable Brush : series 8404, size 0

Ordered: 1

Da Vinci : Maestro : Tobolsky Kolinsky Red Sable : Series 10 : Size 1

Ordered: 1

Jackson's : Kolinsky Tajmyr Sable Brush : Series 1205 : # 2

Ordered: 1

Schmincke : Aero Color Finest Acrylic Ink : 28ml : Candy Flame Red



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and just to be safe


Red Sable Round Brush Size 1

Red Sable Round Brush Size 2

DA Vinci Series 36 - Size 1 Kolinsky Sable Brush

DA Vinci Series 36 - Size 2 Kolinsky Sable Brush

Standard Yellow-Grey 2-Part Self Hardening Putty

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Reminds me that I REALLY have to try out those 'As good as the real deal' Red Spot series brushes from Rosemary  Co soon. 


You didn't know that Candy Red was available as an ink?

(Not going to mention all the other Candy Inks available... )  



Did you see the new 'Easy Klein' Blue from Culture hustle? 

Stuart Semple has a new blue that he claims is comparable to 'International Klein Blue' but non-toxic... and usable by artists... (IKB is owned by Yves Klein. ) 


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Nothing quite like new paint day...


^The original order.

AK Interactive Primers: Black, Grey, White, plus thinner
AK Interactive Brown Earth Deposit

AK Interactive 100mL Odorless Thinner

Mission Models White, Black, and Black Primer

Oh yeah, and the giant jug of Medea Airbrush Cleaner, 32 Oz


Donna at Maple Airbrush also included a few candies (WHOOOOOOO, yes one is already almost gone, lol) and even a neat lil keychain light thingy.  That was a nice touch!



^Then there's the "extra damage" for when I got into the store itself.  I wanted to ask a few questions about those Wicked paints before buying.  Kind of regretting not getting the lighter blue, but we shall see if I still regret it when working on terrain or not.


Createx Colours Wicked Opaque paints: Pthalo Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Pyrrole Red, Pyrrole Orange, Hansa Yellow

Createx 4030 Balancer Clear, and 4011 Reducer

Alpha Abrasives 4000, 6000, and 8000 grit finishing cloths

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30001  Lysette, Elven Mage............................$3.99  x1   $03.99

72278  Wolverine................................................$5.99  x3  $17.97

77127  Vermin: Beetles.....................................$2.99  x1   $02.99

77427  Dungeon Vermin - Centipede (2)  $2.99  x4  $11.96

77668  Nemesra, Dancing Girl.......................$2.99  x1  $02.99

77732  Brazier Pillar Tops (10)........................$2.99  x1  $02.99

30004  Romag Davl, Thief.................................FREE  x1   FREE

50016  Rosie, Chronotechnician.....................FREE  x1   FREE


I really hope this looks the same after submitting it.

EDIT: Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! It stayed the same!!!!!!

Edited by Brother Jim
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Got a bundle of cheapo Heroclix yesterday. Especially happy to have a few more Spiders Mans to turn into priests of Mordiggian.


And today I got a Chaos Marauders 3-pack that RAFM made back in the day, it comes with both super-stylized snake-armor guys from the Iron Brotherhood boxed set I talked about here plus a scorpion-crested halberdier riding a gosh-danged lion, from the same set. Metal \m/



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