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8 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:





Createx Colours Wicked Opaque paints: Pthalo Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Pyrrole Red, Pyrrole Orange, Hansa Yellow

Createx 4030 Balancer Clear, and 4011 Reducer

Alpha Abrasives 4000, 6000, and 8000 grit finishing cloths

Are you willing to let us, or ar least me know how the opacity is on these paints?  I don't need more paint but for a bright opaque red or yellow, I'd make room!

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6 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

Are you willing to let us, or ar least me know how the opacity is on these paints?  I don't need more paint but for a bright opaque red or yellow, I'd make room!

I can definitely do such.  I'll have to figure out some sort of testing method, but given that the red and orange were going to be used for the trim on my terrain, I'm sure I can come up with something.  I'll also look in my box of Bones minis I don't care much about to see if there are some I can do brush painting tests with as well!

EDIT: Barbatos Rex also recently did a video on YouTube regarding the paints, how he mixed them for airbrush, and has several colour examples too.

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@WhiteWulfe one of the best tests I know is a droplet smear over text.  Take a small drop of paint at the start of a sentence and use your finger to smear is across the line of text.  That usually will show how Transparent the paint is. Most reds and yellows I have in my paints can't get past the first couple of letters before you can see the words though the paint but golden glow, for example remains Opaque for almost 3 words

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Order from Pippd showed up yesterday but with my game last night, working late that morning, I'm just now getting to it:


Reaper Miniatures 
G'rond, Dwarf Assassin #14621 Warlord    
Bloodstone Gnome Cavalry #44055 x3 Bones Black     (gonna change "Steeders" to these as I really like this mini, just slap large bases under them)
Merrow 77515 Bones     
Rictur Diehn, Assassin #02430 Dark Heaven    
Lord Of the Gnolls #02704 Dark Heaven (gonna change a flind to a large size creature as it's a special encounter at the end of adventure)   
Blacktongue, Gnoll Archer #77104 x3 Bones     
Ghouls (2) and Ghast #77720 Bones x2    (I still haven't found my ghouls & I have like 10 of them....must have made a high Stealth roll!!!)

Master Series Paints MSP Core Color #09148 Ghoul Skin (I have no idea why I ordered paint, not like I'm gonna get it on the above minis before Saturday.....:lol:)


No more freebie, but eh, discounted prices + 3 day shipping after a certain $$ threshold. Yah I can live without the freebie.


Also, got some ALPS printed Trans Am wording decals, as I guess GM wants too much money to use it in model use. It'll be for my Bandit Pontiac Trans Am build.


Finally, received some resin printer gaskets from Mach5ive. I was going to use these on the new printer, but much to my surprise, the printer already has a gasket/block for the LCD in place. 


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Multiple things have come in!  Parental surprises are interesting, although I suspect I really should give them my FlexDelivery address because I usually don't answer random buzzes to my suite... 




From the parents... 

- 24" photo cube studio in the box.  Sadly, one of the light fixtures does not work, but at least both bulbs do, so that's a good thing there!  I'll give the company a shout in the morning about such. 

- Infini Softback sanding sticks set (and oh boy, are they niiiice and soft, I'm looking forward to building with them!) 

- Tamiya square bottle holder (was hoping for three, but one iss till good!) 


From myself (well, Shokunin Gunpla actually, but I ordered it) 

- 2x Gunner Zaku Warrior (Lunamaria Hawke Custom) waterslide decals

- RG Mk-II Titans waterslide decals

- MG Zaku II (grunts) waterslide decals

-MG Zaku II (Char) waterslide decals


Yup, I do have sheets from Delpi for most of those kits, but after a quick comparison I noticed a number of extra things were on the Simp/Evo decals, so uh, yeah.  I acquired more decals for each kit :P


And last from Shokunin would be the Evo Studios Sniper rifle, which I thought was just the rifle but it turns out it's the Sniper rifle as well as their Assault Rifle for the price, which made me a rather happy fox since I wanted to get my paws on both... 

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15 hours ago, Talae said:

Oh no! I just was saying that I probably need to get a new brush soon :(


My Raphael order from Jackson sailed through customs just fine via DHL.. so maybe Rosemary is just being twitchy or maybe because they dont send DHL and customs pays more attention to regular postal

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Time for more Warhammer Underworlds stuff! (Although it doesn't seem that long since the last batch)


Vampires and Orcs!


And with that Orc set I'm finally all caught up on the older releases (Well, I'm still missing the Fireslayer, Banshee and several Stormcast teams, but I find them boring enough they override my usual need to have all the things).

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