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While I have yet to try any pics, I did have time to open and work on the bridge.


For those considering it, there's 6 pieces to assemble that's spread over 2 identical sprues. It's a Warlord/Italiari kit and isn't that easy to get together and requires clamps and rubber bands with no included instructions.


Most of the issues seem to be due to mold wear and the fit for the pieces would have been better with it and there's some visible gaps that aren't going to be easy to fill...might try a bit of a heavier primer and see what happens because it's the center of the bridge on both top and bottom, where the brick pattern doesn't line up with the split and has several that cross it with the texture being one that would be difficult to get right.


A crisper version would have made it come together better for fitting everything together without it and to get the sides on as there is, basically, zero tolerance for getting the top in place at all and it's a pain to get the bottom in properly to line up to keep the bridge flat. The sprue attachments are only visible on the side pieces once it's assembled.


I would have liked for there to be an underside plate for under each end of the bridge to cap each end of the underside and the side, decorative pylons on each side to just make it more solid and make sure the underside is in the right place without needing to press it against a table or other flat surface to get it in place.


On the other side, the bridge does look good assembled, and, as a stone bridge, it would, probably, work well enough unpainted in a pinch though the paint would, definitely, improve it and make it look far better.


It doesn't have anything that distinct to a specific period in the sculpt, but would fit better with later dark ages or more recent...though it could do decently with a marble look for ancients if you wanted to go that way.


The bridge seems to decently stand figures on top of it in most places with the combination of a rough texture and rather gentle curve for it. You can even stand minis on the rails...though not quite that stable with a 25mm or 1 in base, though a 20mm is rather stable.


I'm quite happy with it having gotten it at a pretty hefty discount, not entirely sure how I'd think with the normal $20 price though I don't think it would be that bad for decent sized and useful kit.

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Whoooo, Hobby Sense order is in, and he added in a little something extra for me!  Well, okay, he usually adds a little extra something but this time it's one of the Zebra standing sticks I want to try, so here's hoping he will have them on his site at some point! 




Nothing quite like getting a few more sanding sticks in so you can have separate stuff for use with resin! 


I so going to send an email in to see if they'll be regularly stocking the other ones, because yeah, I'd love to be able to actually buy them in Canada.... 

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Years ago, I had a steampunk cowboy mage by Patrick Keith - it vanished in a move, and the figure has been out of print for years.


The other day I found it as a 3D model on My Mini Factory. ::):




Pretty happy with the world. ::):


Now I am just hoping he does some of his Maelee figures - the only one he has as a 3D model is the cavewoman version - what I really, really want is the  modern/steampunk or Post-Apocalyptic version, with the ginormous wrench.




I have a weakness for wenches with wrenches.


The Auld Grump - one guess who my second favorite character from Firefly was.....



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On 5/5/2021 at 9:51 PM, Sirithiliel said:

Kind of annoying, my broken toad bust did not come with any way to mount it on its plinth. Not sure what I'm supposed to do, as I've never worked with a bust before and in worried about ruining this thing by trying 


Was hoping they would have included a hole in the bust and a stand or something to put into the plinth...

PMed you with a possible solution, I hope...

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I got a package of office and art supplies yesterday; I want to revive my 1976 D&D campaign, so I bought some narrow ruled paper (which used to be my go-to) and a couple of reinforced hinge super heavy duty three ring binders, as well as pens and a book on colored pencil work...



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Whooooooo they're in, and they're even more lovely than I was expecting!



3x DSPIAE aluminum sanding boards

Self-Adhesive sandpaper (180, 280, and 400 grits)

Two different types of lenses (Aurora and Green)

Two different types of lens/camera housings (SP as well as HD)



^If curious about the Aurora...  I'm rather curious as to how they'll look in a housing...



^And the green eyes.  Ooooh, I really like these.

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I wen for a copy of Art And History Through Miniature Figure for a jolt of inspiration/motivation. 

It came with a couple of free minis (2011 Darbin the Deadly & 30005 Bhonk, Bugbear Chieftain):



I am SO weak.

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Looks like I have no choice but to paint at least one Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings miniature, even though I'm fairly certain in short order I'll be buying the two player starter box as well as the W'Adhrun Warband set.. 


Won a Scion of Conquest for the W'Adhrun faction last night. 


I say fairly certain because I've been kind of contemplating getting some of the minis...  And would have participated in the speed paint event the Speedpainting Guild Walter's Workshop is part of, but money didn't quite pan out on that front. 


EDIT: This particular mini:


Picture belongs to Para Bellum Games, and is used as an example for the mini acquired.

Edited by WhiteWulfe
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Last night was out to the FLGS for a Legion game, and picked up this:



The probability of me needed a 4th Royal Guard unit is low, but it is possible with Palpatine, so figured I might as well get it and paint them all up at once....soontm


Then today I had two deliveries:



My new FDM printer (IMEF trooper for scale, I couldn't find Sir Forscale......). This one has a 350mmx350mm bed, so I'll be able to print some bigger terrain pieces without having to split them like I do with the Ender 3. And it has direct drive so hopefully won't have the bowden tube clogging issues I've been having with the Ender 3.  And has a BL Touch so hopefully won't have the bed leveling issues I've.....(you know the rest).




My first order from Hobbysense.  Some wolf has been ordering from them, and one of the terrain builders I watch recommended them too, so figured I'd get a few things.

An assortment of Vallejo pigments and fixer.  Some putty for doing camo (and a bunch of other stuff) when airbrushing.  Some spatulas as I've got some terrain stuff planned and didn't have anything in the right sizes.  Sanding sponges (if I like them I'll pick up some sticks next). And 2 bottles of the cement everyone recommends that you can't find around here.  They threw in some pipettes  and the pigments guide, which is nice.


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4 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Some wolf has been ordering from them, and one of the terrain builders I watch recommended them too, so figured I'd get a few things.

Yeah, I've put a few orders in with them the past year.  Seem like nice folk, and most importantly they carry Infini softback sanding sticks!  I'm curious how the larger sanding sponges are, but I suspect I've got enough of their stuff for the moment (says the fox who sent an email in asking whether or not they had other Infini product in stock...)

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Well, decided to stop at Barnes & Noble to compile the pile of old gift cards into one...ended up with enough to buy the new Ravenloft book for delivery on the release date. The Nook store still has issues where you can't use multiple gift cards together for a purchase on the tablet version of the store, and a lot of friends have been giving me the cards for a while now.

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