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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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*runs about on the walls rather excitedly* WHOOOO!  Won a box of Household Knights for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings from a draw thingy Pandaemonium Miniatures was doing on Twitter (it was also done on Instagram).




^Pictures are borrowed from Para Bellum's website.

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Acquired this early last week but forgot to post. Main reason for the order was the Star Destroyer/DS 2 kit  (again), rest was padding for free shipping. Gotta love 40% off each, prob be my last model kit order for awhile. 


Acquired yesterday in the mail:


Metal landing gear for my B25 Mitchell build.  I have a feeling these are made by Reaper :huh:




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On 5/26/2021 at 7:40 PM, Serenity said:

How do they compare to Reaper MSP?  Have you used other brands of artist's acrylic colors?  I'm curious about the differences between ScaleColor Artist and other brands.  Most artist's paints indicate things like translucent/opaque and how lightfast they are.  Do these?  How much thinning is necessary, and do you use water or something else?


My arsenal of paints is made up of Reaper MSP about 30%, Vallejo about 30% and Scale 75 about 30%.

And the remaining 10% is P3, Citadel, Craft Paints etc.


Recently I acquired/got a few of these Artist Paints from Scale 75 and they're becoming my favorites.

They dry up pretty Matte, I use only a drop of water to thin.

But don't put too much on your palette, only what you use because they dry quickly!


The description on the boxes read:


  • Acrylic Water Paints
  • Creamy texture, Thick Consistency
  • Can be applied to surfaces of all types ( Resin, Metal, Plastic, Paper etc).
  • Precise Controlled Brushstrokes, Easily Applied.
  • Maximum Colour intensity with Matte Finish.
  • Maximum Coverage, Fewer Coats.


I found the description to be correct.

Hope this is helpful.


You can buy them in boxed sets including a instructuon leaflet, or as separate tubes.

If you're uncertain buy a single tube.

I like them, but I must admit that I already loved the dropper bottles from Scale 75, I like the opaque/matte finish and their metals are the best IMHO.

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My birthday came early this year.  Of the hobby related variety I have:

  • 405nm flashlight
  • anycube wash and cure 2.0
  • Epax hard clear resin
  • Micro files of the funny bend variety
  • Heating pad

Now to plug the electric stuff in and make sure that it works....

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Not sure what is going on with Canada Post.....this is the second package I've received in under 2 business days in the last week !?

Found an eWeb in a store on Thursday night. Added another eWeb and some dice that my friend from work who started playing was looking for, and added some Tauntauns for my wife's Rebel forces to get to free shipping.  They mailed it out on Friday and it was here at lunch on Monday.


My portion.  I believe, with the eWeb, I've now completed (in that I could field the max of any unit) collecting my Imperial forces for Legion until something new comes out.

That makes Collector Jasper very happy.

"Has to paint it all" Jasper is less happy about the collection......

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2 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

That makes Collector Jasper very happy.

"Has to paint it all" Jasper is less happy about the collection......

I know the feeling, doubly so now that I have shipping confirmation on one of my core boxes for Conquest.  Collector side is all happy, painter side is all "there's 99 models to assemble and paint!" 

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First time I have been able find any of the new Starfinder battles packs in the wild and picked up a couple today. Very nice paint jobs by WK and a good pull in both boxes for my games.

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Finally got my Stargrave order that I wanted for my birthday a couple weeks ago. The rulebook, 1 box of each of the plastic sets (60 minis) and a couple handfuls of metal minis. I've dug out all of my old 40K minis and some other odds and ends of scifi/futuristic minis. Time to read the rules and make some crews.

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Got a few more things in....


- 9x12" Masonite palette with pack of paper palette that should hopefully be easy enough to attach

- Winton Oils: Ivory Black, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Dioxazine Purple

- More brushes: 2x #4 round, a #2 round, a #2 Filbert, a #0 round, and a #3/0 Round


I playfully think it's safe to say I'm kind of enjoying oils.  They aren't going to replace acrylics, but they are a very handy medium to have access to, especially for blending.

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Conquest Two Player Starters (aka "Core Set") are in with the extra goodies!  Instant backlog in a box, now with 180 models!  27lb box was fun to haul... ^_^;;;20210602_112210.thumb.jpg.872cdcf7ed2fa6d9cc87bd926f7171e7.jpg



Also in:


Two packs of 3/4" strike plates (1mm thick) for a total of 500...

Two packs of 3/16" x 1/32" Neodynium Magnets for a total of 500...


That's right, I'm magnetizing my Conquest bases for various reasons, but namely for them to stay in the trays a little easier.

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Made an order from Jerry's Artarama on Monday. I will be getting the following in about a week:


  • 1x Paint cleaning wipes (these were SUPER cheap so I figured I'd give them a go)
  • 1x Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer 16oz
  • 1x Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser
  • 1x Set of 18 Water-Mixable Oil Paints
  • 5x Prismacolor Pencils each in:
    • Black
    • True Blue
    • Crimson Red
    • Violet Blue
  • 2x Darwin 6-well Watercolor Flower Palette

Acquiring soon: a new lawn mower. Preferably an electric one.




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So, I acquired - over the course of earlier this year - a new computer. Somebody wanted to see a picture, so .. here you go. With bonus skeptical cat (Rajah's not convinced this was authorised).




The RGB in the case is capable of more colour, but I wanted purple, so.. purple I told it to be.

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Lots of goodies the past few days.


Part I

Tuesday mail:


Favorite prepainted seller on the bay of Zee:

(New tiger from druid wild shape pack - premium prepaint, so paintjob is notch higher then standard. 3x Darkmantles & Starfinder Patrol Class Security robot.




Nolzur's - harpy & aarakocra. Needed the harpy for Saturday's game.



Plane decals - Both are 1:48 scale. P51b Mustang Capt Don Gentile "Shangri La" & F/O Ralph "Kidd" Hofer "Salem Representative" B25J "Big Bad Bonnie" "Brenda's Boys". Kinda disappointed in the B25J decals as its just the markings for those planes, no common B25 markings.  There is sheet that is more comprehensive that I may order but it would come from the UK.



Last but certainly not least, a package from Europe.....decals? So I bought a tractor model kit awhile back, open it up & no decals or instructions were in it.  Since Revell is now a German company, you need to go through them for inquiries.  Sadly, right now they aren't sending things to the US due to covid protocols.  What I did was ask a certain "lupin" in the Netherlands for a favor.


@Glitterwolf said he'd be happy to help. I placed the order with Revell Germany using his address & then he sent it to me. In return I'll send him something in the future. BiG THANKS for the help! I really appreciate it! One sheet is water slide & the other is stickers.




Part II will be later!

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Part II


Yesterday I picked up ver ugly dice (d6s) that are a avocado light green brown color.  Using those as my Bardic Inspiration dice for Weds character. Along with those I picked up:








Reaper order I placed on the 30th. I wasn't sure if I wanted to wait to see the Bones USA fig was, so in the end I figured I'd rather get the bigbear vs unknown (kinda glad now)



Most if not all of this order is for ReaperCon.::D:

Almost forgot this! It must have fell on to the floor, quick release coupler for the Vex!


Memorial Day sale. J&J Designs (apparently they must own Detailmaster):


Detail products for model cars. To be honest, I think most of these will go into the ZZ Top Eliminator car I'm planning on starting soon.



Part III later!

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