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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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It's pretty mundane, but it's still acquisitions: 

  • Mattress set!  Our previous set was nearing 30 years old.  I did make a mistake on the box spring, though.  I didn't realize that the mattress would be as thick as it is, and got the thicker box spring.  Although the 4" difference probably wouldn't much matter.  The set is both fancy and shmancy.  Something about an astounding number of coils, cooling technology, etc.
  • New pillows!  My previous feather(?) pillow had seen better days.  We continue with the fancy and shmancy.  Cooling technology, extra support, etc.

Never underestimate the value of a good night's sleep.


On the down side, the guys who delivered the mattress managed to finish busting the box spring supports on the side rails.  But after a couple hours with Pa Strawhat's help we got it fixed.  It's a little jury-rigged, but it'll work.

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10 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:



Aren't Stroopwaffels in season now?    



If you're referring to my order, the Stroopwaffel would go to waste as I don't drink hot liquids & I'd like the full experience if I ever do eat one, especially a authentic one.


Very happy with what got sent, as I can continue the kit. Oddly I pulled it out to put the pieces in primer the day the decals came.

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Part III:


I went up to the FLGS yesterday after getting a haircut & I decided to use my store points.  Now the pts can get hardback books but I'm digital. They can get gemstone dice (100 pts), pretty but I'm a Chessex user. You can also get Unpainted figures or even the premium line.


The only ones off limits are 15 dollar figures. I also paid for an order with store credit I had built up for a different order that never materialized due to COVID19 stuff. In the end I would up paying like $9.00 for all of thr following:


The dice were a mystery pack purchase & were seperate from the minis.


Also arriving today in the mail was paint for airbrushing:


Splash paint:

VOLT green

GTLM Wynn's purple pearl

Flame Red aka General Lee's color.


Fun stuff!






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Time for more Warhammer Underworlds stuff:- Mr. Crab and Friends!

That should be it until Season 5 later in the year (If they do another season).


I had a bit of a splurge as I was clearing out my PayPal account (I don't really need it now Ebay doesn't use it), so I also ordered:-


Ghost Knight,

Shouty Demon,

Happy Demon,

And Sorceress.

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Stopped at hobby lobby and picked up a couple large, laser cut plywood discs and I added some cereal box cardboard to and some filler before sand and such already...making some larger wetlands terrain that ought to work as a swamp, marsh, bog, or similar. The disc size of the pair is also right so that I can put one on each side of the warlord bridge to make it look like a crossing.

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Last of my before or during Memorial day purchases arrived today!


Scalehobbyist - My first order with them.  Nice prices but they use UPS/USPS so the order took a bit to get here. Still order was correct & in great condition.


Eduard Photoetch set B-25J Mitchell


Aerobonus resin P51B pilot.  The Revell kit is awful!  Doesn't even look like a human being.


Pegasus Hobbies P51B Mustang Tuskegee


It's a snap kit, but it was also 10 bucks.



Finally, I ordered a couple of spaceships from 0-hour . Com for the Skittershot game at RCon this year. Nice ships, definitely need to slap paint on them. Included are hex flight bases. I may replace those with Reaper ones, I'm not exactly sure right now. Reaper Holly Monster for scale. 


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2 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:



There's nothing about that on the website, and he's expecting new stock in on the 25th. 


He's posted about it on Facebook.. 


Well Folks, I have been agonizing over this long enough...... It is time for Red Box Games to change shape. To that end I am going to conducting a final sell off of Red Box Games figures. Through the end of the month of June I will be taking orders on everything in the Red Box Games store which will include some ( not all ) of the previously discontinued back catalog items as I have had a LOT of inquiries about several discontinued items in the recent months.

There are several reasons for this. Chief most being the past year was BRUTAL for Red Box Games. the cost of metal has increased dramatically and I did not make enough profits to reinvest in restocks of current catalog items. This is why the RBG store has been empty for so long. My eye sight has degraded rapidly over the past 2 years to the point now that is VERY difficult to see what I am doing and trying to work with glasses on has been impossible for me adjust to. So making new product to get the store going again has been off the table as well. And even if i were making new product I don't think I could afford to restock AND produce new product as well.

Shipping rates have been a nightmare as well. I have subsidized shipping costs as much as I have been able but the way things are going I do not anticipate being able to afford to do business as usual in the coming years.

Also the competition has never been more fierce. there are SO many great products on the market and so many new ways to deliver products to the existing and emerging markets.

All in all I just the time has come to make some big changes. So I will be adding several discontinued items back in to the RBG store over the next day or two for this big final sale and then ending July 1st the Red box games store will be closed down.

I will continue posting about miniatures and cool fantasy news items and the efforts of other small studios in the table top industry here on the Red Box Games facebook as I figure out what shape RBG is going to take going forward. But the entire current catalog is going into permanent retirement.

I WILL NOT be selling RBG to any other businesses. So if you want these items you will need to get them from me before the end of June.

Cheers Yall!


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