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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Uh Oh...

Greenstuffworld now has rollerpins with handles...






Schermafbeelding 2021-07-10 160318.jpg

I've tended to ignore anything by GSW other than to look for other people making the same thing...the various legal stunts they've pulled on people who designed things has moved them firmly out of my purchases.


I did make another stop at Dollar Tree, got a few more of the winged unicorns...and they have some wooden plaques in their craft isle that actually match up rather well with the larger one for some giant statues there. There's a few new wrestlers that are easy to modify for fantasy, and grabbed a bunch of other crafting stuff along with some things for a cousins kids birthday stuff.


Also ordered the Explorers Guide to Wildmount from Amazon.

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Arrived today!


Gf9: T rex zombie.


My shop sold the prepainted one & tbh I'm not really confident in printing the DuncanShadow one I have right now, so I went looking on the bay of E. I found the prepainted one but I have a,hard time paying high prices for prepainted.  I came across this for under 30 & free (very fast too) shipping.


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Got a couple of neat things off Aliexpress and a Reaper order yesterday.


Not sure what a lot of the stuff off Aliexpress was aside from the Cthulhu Wars wizard... Otherwise I got two small-ish trolls with spiky backs, a knightly archer in a kettle helm (I believe from the same game as the trolls), two knight templars type fellows and three funky tentackly monsters that'll work great in lovecraftian encounters.


Reaper, got two paint kits, Thaddeus Graytower, Darkspawn cultists (yeee more lovecrafty tentacles), Abraxus the dire-dread (gonna paint this bad boy up as the Acromancer), Bones kobolds, Bones goblins and Bones brigands plus Elanter, Sarah the Seeress and Iks the Overlords sergeant.


Speaking of, HOLY BALTARD, his waist started breaking before I could even get him to fit on his included base.




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Might contact Reaper about that one. It appears the metal probably didn't fill that area all the way or it cooled before it set. I've had a couple that were like that. The mini eventually just snapped in half.

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Two trips to the FLGS and one order from the big river this week, all Legion.



The eWeb should be the last box I still needed for Imperials.  Continuing to get more Rebels with another box of Fleets and the last FD cannon I need.  And decided I wanted to finish up assembling my Droids, and I needed 2 more units of B1s, so grabbed another starter box (since it's impossible to find the stand alone boxes, and I needed more phase 1s for when I assemble my Clones...someday.

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Stuart Semple of Culture hustle is now Betatesting a Mirror finish Black paint. A tin of 250ml costs £25...   

So I also added their 'Snow' powder to the order. 


And by 'Mirror finish' they mean 'brush-on paint that self-levels into a proper mirror surface that you usually only get by applying layer after layer of clear coat with an airbrush'.  




In other news, I got a big crate of books from 'Your Oldtime Bookstore' which is doing a closing down sale.

(They were selling High Quality scans of old techical books. )


L4L2"Library for Le$$" - "Lathes" set

^ 21389Keep Your Lathe in Trim

^ 23683Lathe-Making/Building/Chucks for Amateurs

^ 23861Lathe Maintenance Pamphlets


L4L6"Library for Le$$" - "Photography" set   2$25.44

^ 22520Photographic Cameras and Accessories

^ 23497Hasluck's Photographic Notes

^ 23535Photography in the Studio and Field

^ 23543The Art and Practice of Silver Printing

^ 23594The Photographic Negative

^ 23632The Ferrotype and How to Make It

^ 23691Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography - Chapter 8 Darkroom Contrivances and Chapter 9 Negative Making - "Wet"

^ 23721Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography - Chapter 15 Negative Making - "Dry" 


22180Machine Tool Adjustment                                                    1$2.38

4724Modern Toolmaking Methods                                              1$5.98

23063Practice and Theory of the Injector                                     1$4.78

23705Model Engine-Making                                                       1$3.98

22229Lathe Notes Volume 1                                                        1$2.38

23144Lathe Notes Volume 5                                                          1$2.78

23551Lathe Notes Volume 6                                                         1$3.18

24027My Lathes & How I Made Them/Zinc Chucks for the Lathe   1$3.18

23888Barnes' Metal Working Machinery                                     1$2.38

23250Foundry Notes                                                                    1$2.78

22580Machinery Reference Series - No. 25 Deep Hole Drilling   1$2.78


Yes, I bought 2 sets of the Photography books. The other set is for a buddy who's interested in the history and techniques, but only in a theoretical way. (I've offered to let him borrow one of my cameras, even, but so far he has declined) 


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I have acquired: BONES V!

  • Power Up: Full Moon Fever Option x1
  • Bones 5 Core Set x1
  • Halloween Free-bees x1
  • Extra Wraith Dreadnights x1
  • The Overgourd x1
  • Murkillor x1
  • Power Up: Campground and Trailer Park Scenics Option x1
  • Aganzarax x1
  • Option: Mouslings Fun-Size Scale x1
  • Option: Encounter - The Spiders of Emrith Kul x1
  • Rune Wights x1
  • Option: Arakoth the Ancient, Colossal Spider x1
  • Option: Elemental Scions x1
  • Option: Encounter at Gallowgard x1
  • Option: Encounter in the Dwarf King's Crypt x1
  • Expansion: Dungeon Dwellers x1
  • Option: Encounter at Mandupar Pass x1
  • Option: Song of the Sirens x1
  • Option: Encounter - Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1
  • Option: Encounter - Shadows of Ravenhome x1
  • Option: Yog-Sothoth x1
  • Option: Brinewind Extras x1
  • Expansion: Greek Odyssey x1
  • Expansion: Dark Depths x1
  • Expansion: Brinewind, City of Pirates x1
  • Chronoscope Expansion x1
  • New MSP Paint Colors x1
  • Fan Favorites x1
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After the passing of our last Painting Gremlin, Hershey, we had given some time to grieve and starting looking for a new addition.  

We had a false start with another hound who unfortunately was too cat-aggressive to adjust to our house.


On Wednesday, after some great reach out with the local foster, including driving her here to see how she dealt with the other animals, we brought home Tasha;


She was picked up by animal control before going through a rescue system and foster.  She is extremely skittish and handshy, most likely due to previous abuse.

We are making incredible progress with her, this was a big step on only day 4 where instead of hiding in one spot she hopped up on the bed on her own and let my wife pet her for the first time:




And Bard, our now...wow, nine year old hound mix who we've had since a puppy, is being a good example:

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Foster puppies deserve all the petting. 


My sister is currently fostering a black and white male cat named Albert. He was extremely shy at first. Staid in his carrier most of the time and wouldn't come out of it to eat until my sister left the room. 

I barely saw him when I visited her during easter. 

(He ran past me 'to safety' in his carrier) 

This weekend, though, he slowly walked up to the chair I was sitting in, and when I let my hand hang down, he sniffed it, then headbutted it to signal that he wanted petting. 


Unfortunately, he's going to be difficult to re-home. He can't be a 'lap cat' because he tends to use his claws when he feels good... Also, he doesn't lie still when being petted or getting head scritches(his favorite) but twists and rolls all the time. 

(My sister has another cat also, and they do NOT get along, so she can't keep him)

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Phew, pricey small-ish order from Iron Wind Metals for me, including every piece required to remake the old Witch's Lair and Wizard's Room sets, a more classical Chimera (not fond of the three-front-heads-and-also-wings look of your bog standard fantasy RPG chimera), an off-brand minflayer, an anti-paladin in snake-style armor, Sir Roger Du Falcone from the old Chaos Wars Warlords and also the old Partha Paints set which was how I got it waaay back in 1995 or 1996 because I wanted the paints for custom figures and ended up giving it to a Warhammer Fantasy enthusiast so that's my first mini reacquired... then there's also a few accessory trees and minis quite blatantly based on Voltan from Hawk the Slayer and the Witch-King of Angmar from Frank Frazetta's LOTR art.

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Forgot to post these. I picked these all up either end of June or early in July. (Took the pics right before game day & spaced em off)


Funny I look at these pics & realized I don't have the tablecloth on the game table at the moment. It was blocking the fan I have that blows underneath. 




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