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Got a fun gift from my bro and niece, but since the dogs are the only ones who ever sit in the couch I'm unsure who'll really get to enjoy them:




Also been filling in a few of the many gaps in the RPG collection. Got a little from the old school (Manual is a great copy, really happy):




And a little not quite so old-school (good deals both but the older set I had shipped over from Ingerland and man oh man did it pay off, contents are immaculate):




Some, uh, middle-school:




And the alternative school (wanted a copy of this every since I read the Crimson Throne AP but wouldn't pay the going price; checked for the first time in a couple years the other day and lucked out):



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On 8/3/2021 at 3:26 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Order from Delpi Decal is in, whoo!  They're just waterslides and I didn't bother to take a pic of the lot, so I'll just include a few of the highlights...  14 different packs (15 if you include the freebie they included), with three of them being a lot... Shinier.



^Master Grade Sazabi Silver Holographic.  Not sure I'll actually use these since they're a touch brighter than I was expecting, but I'll keep them in mind anyways.  Probably would go well with some iridescent paint anyways!  I might wind up using them in combination with standard ones as well as the silver metal ones.



I've never seen holographic waterslide decals before. Those are pretty cool looking.


I was late tonight in arriving for the game (gotta love waking up about 30 mins before game time & not having anything ready for said game.....), so I didn't purchase anything but a order I did with gnomishbazzar last week showed up today.


Game Color Effects: Verdigris

Game Color Wash: Sepia




male half-orc paladin (new wave)


Pathfinder Deep Cuts:

female gnome bard (new wave)


Sadly, UPS didn't deliver my Con Swag box tonight. Tracking says it was out for delivery, so hopefully nothing has happened to the box today.



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45 minutes ago, haldir said:

I've never seen holographic waterslide decals before. Those are pretty cool looking.

Yeah, a few on the gunpla reddit have been showing off such decals, and I figured why not give them a try.  The Unicorn Perfectibility posts are what really sold me...  And I figured why not have my Banshee be a bit shinier, it gets fairly shiny in the anime after all! 

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A surprise arrival from Tre Manor's Red Box Game store's last hurrah.


Left to right:

Tradkarl; Fat Fergus the Wandering Friar; Bloody Garm



Left to right:

Lesser nethermouth #1; Lesser Infernal B (lots of eyes); Hostrom Hammersmite; lesser nethermouth #2.



I honestly did not expect them to arrive until much later in August.


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Love Tre's work. I hope the best for him in the future.


Magic delivery hour (between 5 & 6 pm) has arrived & UPS showed up with my Mega-Bundle Swag Box for RCon this year!! I'll open it up tomorrow after I get home from work.

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Picked up the Unicorn Starter from Signum at the post office today, and when I got home I found a red box in my mailbox. 

That one contained the 'Junior Townsfolk II' KS reward from Midlam. 

I don't think that one has been listed in the Kickstarter section? 


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  Just recieved the box for the old TSR 5305 Monster Tribes box set - I have nearly the whole set, but finding the box for it at a reasonable price was a long journey. So when this came up on EvilBuy, you better believe I jumped on that grenade quick. Sole bidder on the auction so I got it for just under $13... (Yes, I have paid more than $25 for an empty box before, lol.)


No foam in it, but that's something I can make to fit so no big deal.





 Now I just need to find the last one or two figures and it'll be complete.



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Got the latest bonkers paint from Culture Hustle; Black Mirror...   


As far as I can see, there's 2 distinct issues with it; it comes in a tin, and it's solvent based. 

The tin is the biggest issue, really. 


Now I need to find something to test it on.


And I haven't even tested their previous experiment(metallic mirror paint) yet...  


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