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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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Was thinking I hadn't bought much lately, but I did snag a new bottle of AP Plastic Glue last night. Oh, and I picked up The Wizzkids unpainted Human Paladin pack (90136) last week as a potential mini for my new character for our upcoming campaign (yes, I'm aware I'll be playing virtually....still need a mini!).

But today I did get my second order of yummy low carb cereal from Magic Spoon.  It is such a treat to be able to have a bowl of crunchy, sweet, deliciousness in the evening and having zero affect on my blood sugar....


May have gone a bit overboard, but shipping is slow (was like 7 days just getting across the border) and I wanted to try most of the available flavors before settling on what will be my "regulars".


Oh and less exciting, I just got the garage to order a new Stage 1 Exedy race clutch for my car.  Seems the old one is on it's last legs (it lasted about a decade.) and was causing my shift issues when the car got hot.
Seems they've gone up in price in a decade, to just over $1k.  Not sure if that was Cdn or US, but unfortunately I'm guessing US......

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Nothing impressive, but I got my replacement Hawthorne Krabbe and Poppets from Reaper.



In my original RCon swag, I had the poppets, I had Krabbe's left arm, but not the main body itself.


Now I have one Krabbe, two left arms, and six poppets! There some interesting potential with this many minions.

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On 9/11/2021 at 11:04 AM, DragonWyrm said:

I went to one of my local hobby stores and they had some new second hand miniatures. I already painted the ghost and added a sword to the barbarian rider.


They seem to be mostly old grenadiers (barbarian is still sold at Mirliton SG, couldn't find the others)


The Barbarian withg te\he Axe is from Prince August as far as I know.

4 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Acquired:  One new job.. two months of unemployment was terrifying.. 



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Grabbed a few things at dollar tree again.


Needed a new sealable container for greenstuff...my older one fell while I was working with some and stepped on it. I also needed some more of the rather consistent stones they had for some walls.


I noticed that one of the Finding Nemo things they had was a shark that looked realistic enough that I'm not even sure would need a paint job beyond a few touchups and adding a base for some more stability. Might go back and grab a couple more of them because they look just right for the smaller sharks.


There's also a lot of the wooden plaques that are the right size that you can mount some larger toys for statues, there's a few different shapes of them available and I've got a few of their winged unicorn/alicorn ones that they're sold out of which were paired with a smaller toy one of the right size for use.

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