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23 hours ago, Corsair said:

@Kangaroorex hooked me up with a bunch of metal Battlemechs, some other CAV mechs and other goodies from Reapercon. Thanks again! Here are the IS mechs from him and the KS.




terrific!  glad everything made it okay!  Hope you have a great time with them and i get to see them painted eventually!


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Stopped at the FLGS today to put some cash down on the last Pokemon First Partner Pack as the price of this one has skyrocketed due to what's in it. It was preorder, the owner wouldn't take the cash I wanted to put down on it, but he said he'd hold one back for me. My daughter is the Pokemon fan, but I told her to buy the stuff at the FLGS vs Wallyworld or Gamestop, etc etc.


I did pick up the Cosmo Serpent as I'll need a 2nd huge based snake, figured something different to go along with the Nolzur's (or generic Deep Cuts) giant constrictor snake I already have.



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I got a Beelink T4 desktop computer today...   


Only problem with it is that if I leave it on my desk, I'll never be able to find it again...  



It even comes with a bracket to mount it on the back of a monitor... 

4 USB3 ports, Headphone jack, HDMI and DisplayPort, Wifi and an Ethernet connector. Runs on 12V (1.5 - 2A) and is supposed to be able to handle 4K video. 

I'm pretty certain it comes with a Windows 10 verion of somewhat... not entirely there legality and probably quite a few hacks to hide that. 

But I'm going to install a Linux version on it, so it doesn't matter anyways. 


But first... I'm going to pop it open... 

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Taking my break at work & I see I got a notification that Beyond the Witchlight has arrived on DD Beyond.


Skimmed parts, looksike its gonna be a fun one!.


Warduke"s artwork is depicted with the proper left handed sword (unlike the gf9 offering....grrrr)

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I got this Balrog this week. Been wanting it for a lil while.

The original release, previewed in Toy Fare magazine, was my first sight of the creature ever. But this one includes the whip and sports light-up eyes and mane, so I had to go for this one.



I kinda wish there was a mini of a demon that sported similar aesthetics.

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I got this on Monday, but only got around to getting it out of my bag this evening.

One of the Halifax Battletech guys had accidentally missed getting one of the packs from the Kickstarter.  I happened to have an extra of that one, so I took it over while I was in NS and he hooked me up with some old school Battletech metal.


The ones in the pack are a two pack of Lightning Hoover, a Fury Tank, and a pair of Chaparrel Missile Tanks. The ones in bags are a Marksman, Rhino, Thor and Behemoth.  And the standing ones are a Grim Reaper, Gunslinger, Cyclops, Longbow, Shootist and a Wraith. He also gave me a pack of standies, a Technical Readout book, and a copy of the 2nd Ed Mechwarrior RPG.


He showed me his collection as well.  Now, as I may have mentioned, I have a LOT of miniatures. But they are for a couple dozen games, at least, plus a ton of fantasy stuff for D&D, etc.  His collection is probably close to mine in numbers.  But is ALL Battletech.

Just massive amounts of big stompy robots.  Very impressive......


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