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I haven’t been around much lately; apart from getting to Gen Con, August has not been a very good month for hobbying.


Anyway, a box arrived this week with a copy of Warhammer, 1st edition.  Given what it eventually became, I have been curious about its roots.



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Was over to Fredericton last night.  My wife's nephew is starting college there so went over to see him and her aunt.

On the way back we stopped at the FGS on the way, which conveniently is open until 11 pm.


I picked up the latest organized play kit for Legion, which I don't think is technically supposed to be sold, but since it was there.....
Also picked up a second Boba, since I have one I was to base to match my Imps, but he can now go with some other factions too, so I'll do one based like my Mercs.  And grabbed a 2nd upgrade card set, since it has the updated Boba, plus a lot of new cards I could use more copies of.

And my wife bought me T-34 (for my upcoming Russian forces) .

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 Jack did a dumb thing. (Because that's kinda what Jack does.)


Jack jumped on an EvilBuy grenade he didn't really have the money for, but in the process scored one of his sort-of "Holy Grail" minis...


RP 11-064 Lord Soth, Mounted and on Foot





Although I'd previously managed to acquire both the pedestrian and mounted Soths, I did not have the horse itself.

Now I have the complete set, plus an extra copy of each Soth.


Fortunately, there's also a copy of RP 11-057 Elminster in the lot I just purchased, and between that and possibly one or two others I might be able to sell, should be able to get back at least some of the money I paid for the lot.



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Here's what I got at Reapercon:




A big ol' pile of random 3D print stuff that failed QC. Even if it's all junk (it's not,  I've started going through it), the number of bases I got make it worth the money I paid for it. 




Melt table rescues. An old Chaos chariot,  random bits useful for conversions,  4 miniatures (ranger type, barbarian, scifi lady, and devil girl), a bunch of random GW Chaos bits (including 3 partial flesh hounds) that will be useful for my chaos army.




A bunch of bits from Bombshell miniatures that failed QC. Most of these are just minor air bubbles and things that will be easy to fix with a little GS and some time.




Dice from Reaper, the open set was given to me by a fellow con goer (if it was you, thanks again they served well in their first game on Saturday).




T shirt from Southpaw.




Some resin bases that were on a table with a 'free' sign next to them.




Various 3D printed stuff from several different vendors.


I'm not including standard Swag; that has been documented elsewhere by others.


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Actual ReaperCon swag:


People have seen the 2 Reaperboxes & Embassy Suites swag, so no need to show those. I did get with the order, since when  I turned my vendor certificate in, they were out of the Goblin Hench"man" I went with the following instead:



Also this month's freebie:



I guess the I wanna get the new stuff, but don't really wanna gather it all up mood hit me when I got the SWAG Bundle. I'll go through it & decide what I really want out of it down the road. I do know the Hobby Holder (now x2) will go into a Box of Goodwill sometime. I did see the Dungeon Dweller dice set at the store & I'm a Chessex dice user/fan, but figured eh, we got the code for it, so I'll order it eventually. I like the colors for it. I almost didn't use my $20 VIP certificate as I thought it was a online code. I ended up getting with it:




(Since I got rid of the metal one when this one came out, years ago, I just spaced getting it till now. Allot easier to assemble then the metal one, that's for sure)




(Struggled to fined items I really wanted to spend this one, tbh. The Reaper Store had some great items, but nothing that said "BUY ME NOW!" I was kinda hoping they would have still had some Expansion Sets like last year, but either way, I got this. Tbh, I got it cause I wanted to see what the squirrel looked like in Siocast, as I have quite a few in metal, thanks to Boneyard shopping at ReaperCon (RIP).)




(I ended up going like 10 bucks over the certificate, eh oh well)


Some of my players did use dice they bought from the vendors & I was tempted to get one of them (the silicone sets from MDG(I think)) but didn't. I think I'll order them thru my FLGS (help them by ordering). Also, so many resin prints to be bought at RCon, but as I told everyone of them, that I feel guilty buying already printed resin stuff due to having a printer at home & they all understood too. There was a vendor that was offering original 3d resin prints, if I was going to get any of those, his would have been it. All I can think of is Texas something, or something Texas. I need to look at the vendor listing sometime.


Other then racking up a sizeable bar tab each night & then getting kicked in the nuts by Lyft yesterday morning, I really didn't spend that much. Oh, I did do my first ever food delivery service order as I had a break between my 2 games on Saturday & I was very hungry, so Panda to the rescue.


Also I did buy a a small notebook style character sheet (Warlock) for the kid player in my gaming groups here at home. He came to the Witchlight session with a tiny character "book" he made & said "in theory this was a good idea, but practical, no" 🙂


I figured he'd like it.

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Time for my own ReaperCon swag!


Top row, from the left: Dungeon Dwellers free beta rules (I played in @ReaperWolf sunday game); Talon Game's  CAV laset cut dropship (won it at the auction); ReaperCon guide; paint cup, bottle stopper, moleskin; dice tray; free comic book.

Bottom row: free Frog God adventure; "Orcs! A high octane adventure" a mix of Fury Road, Snow Piercer and Gears of War where you move through a train randomly generated from a deck of playing cards; Snarf Quest 30th collection, signed and numbered (and expensive); last three are Image Comics Frazetta art inspired comics, with the last one entirely about the Death Dealer (and in a slip case).



Dice tray and free Dungeon Dweller dice (with VIP coupon)



Hand made bottle stopper from Jakob Janssen Studios (the guys with all the wooden plinthes), now being used on another maple flavored liquor I own.



Tons of minis, paint and dice from the store, tour, swag and donation.



RIBBONS! My longest one yet.



From Christine Van Patten's (aka @Rainbow Sculptor ) class "Paint the Hoard!". Speed painted goblins: dip method, contrast paint, Reaper super washes, oil paint.



Hobby Hijinx quick conversion session.



Micheal Proctor's ( @Clever Crow) "Dots and Dashes texture class" ogre; bust from "Hair and Makeup" class with Glen Phillips; "translucent fabric" class with Angela Imrie (red dress was not the best choice); glass potion bottles and gems with Kevin Holderny; Hobby Hijinx 45 minute speed paint of Bloodthorne faction mini.



Pokey tool from @Clever Crow himself! I mentioned how I never got to win one because they don't ship physical rewards from the show to Canada. Also, I gave him fudge.



Moonlight Minis halfling monk (swag bag); Bombshell Miniatures' illiryan minis and goblin mechanic (reminds of a friend's former character).



More minis!



Lots of samples from the Reaper tour.



Class leftovers we were free to take as it was the final class. Sadly, the Troll Green wasn't properly closed and leaked on the other bottles. Still plenty left.



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I got a dozen glow in the dark spiders at Krogers the other day.

I tried to find pictures online so I could link them, but my Google-Fu was weak.

They're almost 3 inches from leg tip to leg tip in size.

They look like wolf spiders.....kinda.

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 My lot of miniatures with the Lord Soth figures arrived today...


I was so focused on the Soths and Elminster that I didn't even realize until I opened it that almost ALL of the other figures were WotC 3.5 and Silver Anniversary figures... :blink:


I ended up with...


Silver Anniversary


40001 Cleric, 40008 Hobgoblin, 40019 Minotaur







40046 Gnoll, 40048 Orc, 40087 Female Human Cleric, 40088 Male Human Druid, 40089 Male elf Fighter, 40090 Female Half-Elven Sorceror, and 40094 Wizard, Human Male (unfortunately missing his arm/staff)....





Dayum... lol





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Well thanks to leaving my job for a better paying one and getting nearly two months' worth of back pay in the process, I decided to splurge just a tiny bit and put in a big order at Mirliton to get more awesome monsters by John Dennett, some mooks by way of Bladestorm and the classic Wizard's Room diorama scene.





EDIT: I completely missed this at first but for some reason instead of a 5th Axeman Of Yomer, they sent me an open treasure chest... And another of the Fighting Men set lacks the crossbow for the crossbowman... I hope Mirliton can send me replacement pieces.

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42 minutes ago, BlazingTornado said:

Well thanks to leaving my job for a better paying one and getting nearly two months' worth of back pay in the process, I decided to splurge just a tiny bit and put in a big order at Mirliton to get more awesome monsters by John Dennett, some mooks by way of Bladestorm and the classic Wizard's Room diorama scene.



 Definitely some classics in there - the Djinn and Efreet are some of my favorite minis of all time. And the Wizard's Room is one of the first box sets I ever bought.


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