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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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22 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:


 Definitely some classics in there - the Djinn and Efreet are some of my favorite minis of all time. And the Wizard's Room is one of the first box sets I ever bought.


Sadly it's not quite the same Wizard's Room. No reptilian familiar, the wizard is standing instead of seated, the summoning circle is different, the work desk comes in 3 parts (main table and 2 legs) and there's a bunch of extra bitties not from the original set like an imp-type creature inside an urn, a long table (with components that can be put on it), a long treasure chest, a broom, a wall mounted herb rack, double doors without a frame, a book pedestal with candles, a boiling cauldron, a candlestick, a smaller candle holder, an owl and a globe...

The only parts that seem to match up with the original sets (either AD&D or Dragon Lords) are the cauldron with the summoned face, the bookcase, the brazier and the urn.



I guess that one's on me for not noticing the differences (the site only shows a full painted diorama), unlike the issues with the Bladestorm packs.

I guess I just saw the Wizard's Chamber set and assumed it'd be a match for the classic set.

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I really need to come up with a new name for my Genestealer Cult army: The Cult of the Unassembled Throng just doesn't have much menace, y'know?


Since GW finally saw fit to release the combat patrol box, I went ahead and ordered one.  I'll still need a couple more.  I also picked up another box of purestrain genestealers.  I know that GW will probably release a new kit for them soon(TM) but I don't feel like waiting.  That's going to be their loss unless they somehow make it to my advantage to pick some up.


I also picked up the last Marvel movies I was missing: Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Morbius (it may not be good, but I gotta catch 'em all), and Eternals (again, gotta catch 'em all).  Unfortunately, Eternals is an import--and wasn't easily IDed as such (only the rating icons in the corner on the picture of the package, but I didn't look closely enough at that and was unfamiliar with the appearance of Europe's ratings) so that's got to go back, and I'll order from somewhere else that doesn't deal with the Big River's massive contingent of resellers and less than thorough descriptions.

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Picked up some more gunpla stuff, or well, added it into my private warehouse....

- P-Bandai Real Grade Crossbow Gundam X-2 (because it looked neat, and comes with a lance.  And is dark blue-purple...)

- 2x Bandai Builder Parts MS Vernier 01 (because I want my Crossbow Gundam to have nicer looking Vernier thrusters!)

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It's taken a while to sort through things, but here are some of the non-swag goodies I got at the con: 


Figures from classes or speed-paints: 



Some will stay as examples, some will get repainted. 


Sci-fi and other figures from Corsair: 


I suspect a lot of these will end up on the table in our next GURPS game. 


So this year in the Brinewind Store for a certain amount of Reaper coins you could get a plastic cup filled with candy and a few random minis.  I grabbed this lot, and some lucky kids got cups full of candy....



Bombshell had a bin of seconds and off casts, this is one of two passes I took through it: 




The metal trade table also had a fair bit of Bombshell castings in it: 




And just look at all the sprue that is going back next year.








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I didnt post my Con Loot here? 

Top row: Class minis ; Stone Arch from Galledoria Games ,  3d printed Kirin,- Unit 3d art & gaming ;  dance of death (reaper buck store) 
Gnoll Rifleman - a speed paint and quick conversion for my spelljammer game. 
Con and Mins from the reaper store, and a poketool for a friend.
not shown a shirt from Southpaw crafts and Lost boys from Moonlight minis.   &  1/2 of dungeon denizens  set  won at auction. 

bought from 4 different vendors & reaper,  about twice previous visits.  Last year it was mostly the reaper store. 

The last is my very favorite loot - my first ever painting trophy, from moonlight minis 
Its only primed to in theory I could paint it and enter it next year. 



Dance of death.jpg


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Picked up a couple of steam locomotives in N scale and the decals needed for them. The rear one is A Kato D51 lettered for the Gorre & Daphetid and the front one is a Bachmann Spectrum lettered for the Crab Orchard & Egyptian RR in my old hometown in Southern Illinois. They were the last railroad in America to use a steam locomotive for revenue service, finally stopping in September of 1986!


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 My Ral Partha 11-653 Maralith arrived today...


That puts me at owning 31 of the 44 RP Official 2nd Ed. AD&D Planescape individual blister SKUs, 23 of them still in said blisters.



Current RP 11-XXX series totals (individual SKUs):


Adventurers - 33 of 35, 9 of them still in the blister

Monsters - 113 of 148, 35 of them still in the blister... Also 11 more partially complete (missing one or more figures/weapons).

Personalities (Dragonlance + Forgotten Realms) - 29 of 37, 4 of them in the blister, plus 1 partial

Planescape - 31 of 44, 23 of them in the blister, plus 1 partial

Dark Sun - 2 of 20, plus 2 partials

Ravenloft - 17 of 26, 4 of them in the blister, plus 4 partials

Birthright - 4 of 8, 3 of them in the blister



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Acquisitions are a bit of a bummer today.


I have acquired a new vehicle: Honda HRV.  Paid the deposit in July, the plant built it in August, it arrived at the dealership not long ago.


My personal spending for the next several months/couple years is now out the window.  It will be nice for us to be a two-car family again, though, and to have the option to go out and run errands on a Saturday or Sunday when Mrs. Strawhat is usually running her errands, or to go out and visit a friend without worrying that Mrs. Strawhat would need something while I was out, etc.

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On 9/10/2022 at 3:54 AM, BlazingTornado said:

I completely missed this at first but for some reason instead of a 5th Axeman Of Yomer, they sent me an open treasure chest... And another of the Fighting Men set lacks the crossbow for the crossbowman... I hope Mirliton can send me replacement pieces.

Did you get a reply from Mirliton?

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Decided to pull the trigger on some stl files off MMF this evening:


Squirrel Knight by Mia Kay




He'll be a NPC encounter for the Witchlight campaign. I figured he'd fit right in.


Mothman by Printed Obsession




Dark Angel by White Wolf Tavern



The above two minis will be a glaura, a beauty fey. She has entrapped some formorians & darklings in a old abandoned dwarven fortress. When the PCs meet her, she will have her "dark angel" disguise up. After awhile, the "mothman"(her trueself) will appear.


Sea Fiend by RocketPig Games




As close as a "Wastrilith" I'm gonna get, ha ha. One of the final encounters in the current AL story arc I'm running. It's a creature that swims in a shrouded lake. The Koa-Toa (who in this case, aren't evil) worship the beast. This creature could care less for the KT or the PCs, so we shall see how the encounter comes out!


Finally, I picked up Sadako, Reflection of the Curse by Great Grimoire




She will the be a spirit/undead that roams an abandoned cabin in the woods. She is part of the Halloween/horror adventure I'm running for my FLGS players. Funny thing is, she is unbeatable! MUHAHAHA!! (she is a story element, more or less, I throw her in, it's time to move the story along if the PCs are stalling.)


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