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Was in for a game of Bolt Action on Thursday, so did a little shopping at the FLGS.


I needed more sleeves for my Star Wars Legion cards. Normally use standard UltraPro but they were out of clear (Legion cards have info on both sides) so trying these out.  Doesn't matter if they are a little different after all, it's not like Magic where they are in a deck, these are basically just the stat blocks for your units.

And I'm looking at building an 8th Army British force for Bolt Action, so I thought I'd pick up something a little different than the unit boxes I already have.


Then yesterday the new Legion releases came out, on time for a change.


The B2s were a surprise.  I'd ordered them way, way back .... I think it was winter still, but they have been out of stock. I guess they finally got re-stocked.

Mando and the IGs were the new releases. I ordered two of each as I may end up basing them to match different armies (since they are all Mercs) and just because I like both   🙂

And the store did get in the Grogu LE fig, so they gave me that as they are supposed to give them out to folks who pre-ordered Mando.

Might even get these assembled pretty quickly, they all look fun to play.


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It took forever to get here (plus extra UPS charges 😠). but my Ghoulie Bag order came in!



Special items include the *resin* dragon bust and the experimental super washes.


Though they were available during ReaperCon as part of the bundles, I didn't care for most of the other items with them like the wet palette.



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Arting supplies of a different kind!  I was originally planning on picking up something different but it turns out I really don't like the fell of the Goldfabers in my hand, but boy do I like the Albrecht Durers...  It also helped that the lady helping me had used such as her second medium for quite some time (although her preference is Caran D'ache) and the magic words of "these ones you can actually blend away the pencil marks" pretty much sold such (Goldfabers it's possible, but requires a lot more work).  I also found out she's the Copic lady I've been told to talk to a few times in the past. 


So yeah, it was definitely fun to crack open my first tin of pencils.  Also got two Silver Black Velvet brushes, a 1/4" dagger and a #2 round at the recommendation of the same person (after she heard a few of my favourite brushes, and what I liked).  They'll take a bit to get used to, but I highly doubt their softness will bother me!  Yeah, I've accepted that I just rather love dagger striper brushes, and I don't mind.  They're fun to use, that's for sure. 


Freebie Albrecht Durers Magnus was a nice touch too (it came bundled with my set of 24)


Would have ordered the starter set of ProAcryl but there's that whole bit about Canadian cold being all hey, I'm here! and I don't want frozen paint... 

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Picked up a set of dice for Mrs. Strawhat's Halloween office party.


My intent is to make a few sets (making a drawing of each side, copying those, then gluing those onto some foam dice--just something "fun" for the office) of these as TNBC is their theme.


I certainly didn't buy them because I wanted them.





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3 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


  I was recently gifted four packages of Necco Wafers...


Unfortunately, they appear to be the original vintage Civil War-era stock.


I'm eating them anyway.


Although I'm also debating using some of them as mini bases.




You are very brave soul, not because they are old, just they are Necco Wafers!! 

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Necco wafers are only good for the roofs of gingerbread houses. They make beautiful slate shingles when layered.  They should be broken off before eating the gingerbread house as overlapping layers of neccos and royal icing on top of the cookie will likely break your jaw, also they taste bad.  

Gingerbread houses decorated with only unfilled, non chocolate candies,( ie gummies, sweet tarts, jellybeans, hard candies, gumballs, and of course neccos) can be preserved with several coats of spray varnish if kept dry and out of direct sunlight.  Just don't eat it after that, and try to keep the pets from eating it.  I recall mom having to recreate a client's house after the dog got it after surviving some five+ years of storage and display .  

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Spaced off my red D6s tonight, so I had to pick up a Chessex cube of D6 at the FLGS. I went with the tiny ones (whatever mm those are, I do believe there are 24 per cube):




I ran my annual Halloween/horror adventure for my gaming group at the FLGS. What I do is set out a cube of D6s (normally I have a plastic skull that I've turned into a bowl with red felt inside, but I couldn't find it this year) in front of my DMs Screen. These are "Dark Inspiration" dice for the players. If they wanna add a d6 to their roll, feel free to take one!! In response, I grab one, I stick it next to the player's name behind my screen, I can use it whenever I feel like it vs that player. Funny how many players don't take em, 😁.

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Received these today in the mail.



I backed the kickstarter way back in 2016, with an initial delivery estimate of 2018, I think.

The minis were all shipped back in 2019, and an electronic copy of the rules were available.  

As is often the case, getting the rules truly finalized, proofed and then printed took a bit longer, especially with that little pandemic thing.

But, very impressively, Byron has stuck to his guns and got everything printed and shipped.  All looks great!


For anyone interested, Polyversal is a minis agnostic game for 6mm-15mm big stompy robots, tanks, infantry and the like.  It has an online tool for building unit profiles based off of what your minis are. So your CAVs can battle with your Battletech mechs, or your Heavy Gears, or your Kidslogic Robotech Destroids and Veritechs (or ones from that other company....), etc.

The tiles provided there on the left are for all of the minis that you could get in the kickstarter, which came from a number of companies and give you 4 or 5 armies.



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