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Dollar Tree (which really needs to change their name to something like "Buck and a Quarter Tree") has Christmas stuff in.

Two more blisters of seven each evergreens (NOTE: these would be really small for 28s, but I'm getting them for BattleTech, CAV and/or Mobile Suit Skirmish). They're roughly 37mm tall, but that includes a really thick (6 or 7mm) base.

A "make your own snowglobe" globe to use as either a fuel tank or a reactor type thing.


EDIT: Got a Covid booster, Pfizer this time, too.

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Expensive Kingdom Death Halloween this year, I think they were trying to make up for that couple of sales I missed because they went live at stupid O'clock over here.


Erza of Dedheim (I've kinda gone off their Pin-ups again, but she has fascinating hair),

Flower Knight Costume (Again it's the hair),

Reapokratis (He's just all kinds of snazzy),

Halloween Costumes Set 2 (Must have missed these last year).


Now to save up some more money before Black Friday.

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A sad realization of one of my orders of old Grenadier minis off Mirliton is that this sweet sculpt of Calludros by John Dennett was, at some point, redone in two pieces, and said two pieces were not designed to even fit together well.

So I ended up forking over an extra $30CAD off ebay to get an original version of the mini....


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Cathy Wappel Tribute order placed!



01695   Cathy Wappel Tribute Miniature $9.99

03607   Lizardman Shaman $6.99

07017   Sister Hazel, Plague Doctor $5.99

30035   Captain Blackscale, Dragonfolk Pirate $4.99

44052   Vatanis, Maggotcrown Warlock $4.49

974047 Transparent Short Hover Pegs (25) $4.99

77426   Lizardman w/ Club and Shield $3.99 x2

77672   Dire Boar $4.49 x2

30108   Smigo and Gobbins, Thanksgiving 2022 FREE

77050   Lizardman Warrior FREE


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Latest Gnomishbazaar order came in yesterday:


Mainly for the cave spider (Kickstarter one was missing a front leg, must have broken off sometime), bases (even thou I have bases, I'd rather not deplete the supply, just for the sheep...) & Burrowing Horror. The Ogre was bought cause I seen somewhere it resembles a buff Bruce Dickinson. :lol:


Bronze wyrmling for Stormreach & yeti chieftain is the snowy bugbear for my holiday adventure. Rest are for Spelljammer.




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While at the FLGS today, I picked up a order I did a few weeks ago:




Absolutely loved the original adventures (really made me excited for Pathfinder & such) back in the day, so I had to pick up the 20th anv edition of this one. Will I ever run it, who knows as I'm currently just focusing on the player's side of Pathfinder 2e.

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Picked up a few things....

- Fabriano 9x12 Mixed Media 200gsm (seems to be the same texture as the 160gsm, so yay!)

- Pro Art 11x14" tracing paper (mainly as a barrier between art and paw, but it may see use for actual tracing too)

- Faber Castell Polycromos tin of 36


And Derwent's Inktense is now on my wishlist too...  Kind of wish winter hadn't hit so earlier so I could have gotten ProAcryl, but that's life sometimes.

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