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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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On 11/1/2022 at 8:26 PM, BlazingTornado said:

A sad realization of one of my orders of old Grenadier minis off Mirliton is that this sweet sculpt of Calludros by John Dennett was, at some point, redone in two pieces, and said two pieces were not designed to even fit together well.

So I ended up forking over an extra $30CAD off ebay to get an original version of the mini....



 How did they split it up? :blink:
 That guy's one of my favorite figures, and I was hoping to get another copy at some point... 


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On 11/6/2022 at 11:46 AM, Mad Jack said:


 How did they split it up? :blink:
 That guy's one of my favorite figures, and I was hoping to get another copy at some point... 





(even the Lost Minis Wiki can't get the arms to line up)

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Got a package today:

A couple of T-shirts from 3D files that I like.  And Aaron from PDS is raising money for his local children's hospital buy donating the proceeds from both of these.


And I'd forgotten that I'd picked up this:


when I was over to see a medical specialist in the next city over last week.


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Had a couple of packages arrive last week while I was in the hospital. Got my wife to bring them out today so I could go through them (they weigh more them I'm supposed to lift....)


The first was a bit of a surprise since the emails about shipping when off to the promotions folder.....


2 bottles of Elegoo 8k resin.  This was part of my Saturn 2 printer. Still waiting on a an extra vat and replacement FEPs......


The second was an order from Talen Games.  I'd kind of backburnered CAV for the last little while, what with Star Wars Legion and Bolt Action. But I've followed along on FB and when I saw that they were releasing a 28mm scale Starhawk VII, I knew it was time.

Since I was going to be getting it mailed form the US, I figured I might as well get a few other things too. And the Mech Bays he had on for a promotion were a nice bonus.

Unfortunately, but cause I kept humming and hawing, they ran out of stock of the 28mm Star  Hawk VII. This wasn't a big deal for me( it may be another month or so before I can paint for any length of time.....) so Jon held everything and shipped it out the day the resin kits came back in.



The top left box is the Star Hawk VII, just the main torso unpacked.  A nice clean cast, nice and chunky!

On the right is the MDF dropship. I've never done an MFFD kit but it should be fun,  At the bottom are the mech bays, which will give me some practice with MDF......



And I had to pick up a copy or two of everything new since my last order.....the new Dual Cast  figs look awesome!!!


Looking forward to painting some BSRs!!



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Art store was having a black friday sale, so I picked up a few things...

- Derwent Inktense set of 36 (india ink in a pencil?  Love the sound of it.  Also plenty of colours for scifi stuff)

- 17 Faber Castell Albrecht Durer colours (specifically to try out Jane Blundell's palette)

- Copic Sketch Colorless blender (to try out the more precise activating it does for watercolor pencils)

- Caran D'ache Palette Aquarelle (smooth and textured side, textured side lets you put watercolor pencils down and then activate them and use them as if they were watercolors)

- Fabriano 1264 Watercolor spiral bound pad (cold press, 300gsm)

- Winsor & Newton Mixed Media spiral bound pad (250gsm and has a similar texture to my Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media 200gsm book)



^Pencils for Jane Blundell's palette in the 24 count tin.  Definitely looking forward to giving it a whirl, as not only do a lot more of the colours work together, but it also somewhat closely resembles a lot of the watercolours I'm planning on acquiring (probably going to go with Daniel Smith).

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On 11/23/2022 at 7:14 PM, SparrowMarie said:

Ordered an Eco-tank printer, laptop, and lap desk on Monday. It should all be here this weekend!


Awesome piece of equipment. I always felt like I was getting raked over hot coals whenever I had to buy ink cartridges, not anymore. I bought mine in 2019,20? & I've only had to buy ink once so far. I do wish I could print on cardstock, but that is something I'll exchanged for the huge ink reservoirs. 

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Um... Well... Does anyone else want to admit how much they spent on Black Friday sales? 


It was the annual Croc Games Thanksgiving sale, which I save all fall for. I was mad that the Spartans were so... spartan... as in all sold out, so I bought a smattering of other things. A Khemru starter set and the harpies I've been admiring for a few years and a whole pile of jackals. Then I went over to Lucid Eye and bought the Greek hoplites battle clan and more chariots and some corelocks and the ogres. I love that their ogres have the same smooshed face as the corelocks. The corelocks and ogres are my mutants for Stargrave, which I'm converting to Ghost Archipelego. I'm so excited to paint them, but I'm not expecting them until February, as Lucid Eye casts to order and uses ground shipping, plus they have to fill a pile of orders. I'm going to test out OSL to simulate radioactive crystals to help sell them as mutants. The Greeks will fill a two player selection of Dritcheans for Ghost Archi. They will also fill at least one set of Tribals for Mana Press's Tribal. Then I realized I wanted to convert some of the Greeks to having swords to complete the list, so I went back over to Croc Games and bought some sword arms. 


Then I went to Amazon and bought a new respirator, which was long overdue. For the last few years, I haven't been able to replace it. Mumsy uses my Amazon account, and I know she's been buying gifts from my list, so I haven't been looking at the shipping notices. Anyway, the respirator filters count as dangerous goods, so I couldn't ship them to a PO box. They went to my sister's house, so no danger of accidentally opening a prezzie early. 

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December/holiday order placed! I used up my remaining credit & spent a little bit of cash to get a 2nd 12 days mini. Hopefully they'll offer them by themselves later this month, as I want the snowman to keep the holiday collection complete.


02890    Wereshark    $14.99    
03157    Garwin Greywand, Wizard    $5.99    
03170    Lurien, Ghost    $5.99    
03383    Vampire Spawn (2)    $8.99    
14511    D'Khul, Bathalian    $6.99    
44070    Dark Elf Female Warrior    $4.49 x2    
44072    Dark Elf Male Warrior    $4.49    x2
44073    Dark Elf Wizard    $4.49    
44074    Dark Elf Elite    $4.49    
60054    Depora Azinrae, Dark Elf    $5.99    
74035    1" Round Plastic RPG Base (20)    $4.99    
80075    Camel w/ Pack    $3.99    
01225    Reaper Christmas Sampler    FREE    
30105    Jolie, Adventuring Scribe    FREE    
77252    Beastman Warrior 1    FREE    
77397    Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin    FREE    
01697    Dragon Cat and Cookies    FREE    
01696    Santa Goblin    FREE    


Also, I got something big from UPS today. I'll post more on that one later!

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I got this in the mail, yesterday!


Bad Squiddo Games Kickstarter Treant pen! I also added some extra funds as I was going to get their goant squirrel minis but they were out so I spent it on Bunnies instead.


The style of this sculpt would easily fit in with @malefactus work.


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