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All values shown in US Dollars ($USD)

01695 Cathy Wappel Tribute Miniature - 

44167 Corinna, Greek Archer Heroine - 

44168 Giannis, Greek Mage - 

44169 Jaxon, Greek Warrior Hero - x2


50248 Shoggoth - metal

77114 Faceless Horror - 

77516 Dark Young - 

01225 Reaper Christmas Sampler x 1FREE

30105 Jolie, Adventuring Scribe x 1FREE

77397 Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin x 1FREE

01595 Tinker the Gnome x 1FREE


greeks and Lovecraftian Horrors 
As is my custom, its wrapped and under the tree. 

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I have been a bad boy... 


Was looking for a new airbrush and have a thing for Harder and Steenbeck so jumped on the preorder for the Giraldez Infinity.  Also, thanks to a boxing day special at my favourite out of town (L)GS, I ordered a couple more SW:Legion (Empire!!) minis and some Abteilung 502 oils.  





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Let's begin!




Fill the bins...


We're on a mission to collect a few!




While I haven't been able to get much for myself of late there were a few items on my Christmas list.

  • Star Wars Lego Snowtrooper Battle Pack
  • Game Envy Paint Puck
  • Game Envy Cap and Cork Stand
  • Army Painter mixing balls
  • Army Painter Character Paint brush
  • portable light box  (not the Reaper one, as those were restocked after we distributed lists, but one of the more affordable ones on Amazon)
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On 12/16/2022 at 10:10 AM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Was able to get into the FLGS last night and hang out while two of the guys were playing Bolt Action, which was really nice. (still a while until I can play anything....bending over a gaming table to move figs is like the worst thing I could do to my back).


The store was nice enough to let me pick up the new Star Wars Legion releases, even though the official release date is today, saving me another trip (which also saved my wife a trip, since I can't drive until the surgeon clears me.)


The very nice, but stupidly expensive, Crashed X-Wing Battlefield Expansion (which I see is face down...the front has the same picture, but different words.....) and the Mando era Boba Fett (aka dad-bod Boba).

I also picked up a blister of Afrika Korps Krad schutzen Motorcycle & Sidecar for my Bolt Action Afrika Korps army (to be assembled *soon ).


I keep looking at the crashed X-Wing but have been unable to “make” myself spend the cash on it.  Thoughts on the missons in it? 

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Bit of a last minute thing today, I’ve been searching for VW Beetles for a planned Gaslands team and have been having no luck back home.  Wife and I were going to restock for our drive home tomorrow and I talked her into hitting Wallyworld.  It was a VW paradise.  Guess they’re not popular il here.  Only picked up 3 as most stores are still only taking cash following all the outages caused by the storm and I wanted to keep as much cash as possible for gas and emergencies on the road. 

My wife is a very understanding and patient woman as the line ups were crazy due to things being down.  🥰




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2 hours ago, Rahz said:

I keep looking at the crashed X-Wing but have been unable to “make” myself spend the cash on it.  Thoughts on the missons in it? 

I haven't actually looked at them  yet....so far we've never played any of the missions for the crashed escape pod or anything, so not sure how useful they'll be.


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We were out yesterday so stopped by the FLGS, which was still having it's 15% off everything boxing day sale.


I picked up the AP Air desert sand triad.  I may already have it (I couldn't remember what all I picked up when I was trying to find a good dunkelgleb) but with Afrika Korps and 8th Army to do, I figured I'd need lots of sand colours.

Also snagged an Afrika Korps medium artillery.

Pretty keen to start working on those two armies after watching the SAS Rebel Heroes series on Prime......


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On Black Friday I took advantage of a 30% off sale to order a bunch of now OOP Warlord figures. With them still listed at their pre-pandemic prices the combo made some metal cheaper than Bones Black/USA.  It finally arrived while I was out of town, but I didn't feel like cutting and pasting the order on my phone. 


14094 - Tariq, Nefsokar Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig)
14226 - Sir Danel, Crusaders Captain - Warlord (x1 fig)
14299 - Saramonde, Crusaders Chronicler - Warlord (x1 fig)
14348 - Sister of the Blade - Female Warrior (x1 fig)
14227 - Herne Lancer, Crusaders Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig)
14258 - Count Lorenth, Overlords Captain - Warlord (x1 fig)
14237 - Senet, Nefsokar Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig)
14250 - Ibrahim, Nefsokar Hero - Warlord (x1 fig)
14233 - IC Light Lancer, Crusaders Grunt - Warlord (x1 fig)
14285 - Taletia, Overlords Mage - Warlord (x1 fig)
14334 - Elf Archer (x1 fig)
14372 - Sister Elena - Battle Nun (x1 fig)
14246 - Ah'Radivh, Nefsokar Captain - Warlord (x1 fig)        
14062 - Orba Sinhan, Mercenaries Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig)
14259 - Lorena of the Whip, Overlords Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig)
14144 - Moandain, Necropolis Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig)
14282 - Onyx Zephyr, Overlords Adept - Warlord (x1 fig)
14268 - Marquise, Overlords Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig)
14124 - Kevis, Overlords Mage - Warlord (x1 fig)
14248 - Anwar, Nefsokar Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig)
14070 - Nicole, Captain - Warlord (x1 fig)
14111 - Majeda, Crusaders Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig)
14195 - Kiakara, Reven Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig)
14345 - Nicole - Female Bladesister (x1 fig)    
14129 - Mi-Sher, Nefsokar Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig)
14228 - Isarah, Crusaders Cleric - Warlord (x1 fig)
14254 - Khathan, Nefsokar Solo - Warlord (x1 fig)
14387 - Elven Vale Warrior (x1 fig)
14439 - Daerath - Elven Royal Guardsman Srgt. (x1 fig)
14468 - Ellithin Graysteel - Royal Male Elf Hero (x1 fig)
14523 - Crusader Standard Bearer (x1 fig)
14529 - Ragon the Bloodied, Lupine Hero - Wolfen (x1 fig)
14564 - Kosumi, Lupine Alpha Guardian - Wolfen (x1 fig)
14565 - Takhi, Lupine Arctic Shaman - Wolfen (x1 fig)
14617 - Koborlas Shadow Tracker, Female Wolfen (x1 fig)

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