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Got the ball properly rolling for my Voron v2.4 Rev 2.  Ordered the LDO 350mm kit, a Phaetus Rapido HF hotend, and several other things including stuff to get the Trident back up and running. 


Gonna be a fun month, doubly so if I can squeeze in a new airbrush compressor! 

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I can't swing that much money for it, but I figure that some of you may want to take a look...   



Alternative Armies has remastered this classic dragon, and are casting 200 of them.   

That's a 9part kit weighing in at HALF A KILO of metal.   

They want £125 + shipping, but then they throw in a Dragonrider and saddle for free...    



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When all of your orders come in at once!


Brand: Hasegawa

Ordered this directly from Japan, as it's out there & preorder everywhere else. I'm not sure if I saved any money, even thou I had some store points to use. Sadly the shipping was more then the actual kit....::(: Overall thou I love this paint scheme. It's fluorescent orange & a park green with a white dash pattern throughout the entire car. Green comes as decals, you just spray the orange.


& yes, I am wearing squirrel pajama bottom/lounge pants right now. 🐿️




bay of E purchase. I thought these were something else, but they are laser printed. They appear to be well printed thou & will come handy whenever I decide to do some Dodges.






Latest Gnomish Bazaar order! Some of this is for ReaperCon games, some for local games.

Xpress colors are

Plague Green

Templar White (which I think is funny, cause well GW's is Templar Black...lol)

Black Lotus

Xpress Medium


A little disappointed in the serpentfolk, as they are large size, but they appear to be medium with a long tail. Tried to match up with Reaper large snakeman wielding 2 sickle like weapons & is very large sized. He is Out of print now apparently (too bad, RIP). Skeletal Horse was more or less to see how it compares to some printed skeletal horses I printed. Note, I did order the last two "freebie" minis. Just nothing from Reaper.com that warrants an entire Reaper product order right now. Looking forward to looking these over to see how well/not well they are.


Caine, Cyber-troll was picked up as a tribute figure for a friend who tragically passed away late last year. Vince (or @Shakandara on here) was a good friendly ReaperCon face to see in the early days of ReaperCon. He will be missed.



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Posted this elsewhere, but got my Dungeons and Lasers loot, and need to paint some trees!

Cottage from Battle System's "Village Set". Their dungeon-themed Maladum game and terrain KS starts 3/15.

Tiles from TerraTiles. Pre-order on their Ravenkeep site.


Also, got a copy of Loke Battlemat's "Castles, Crypts, and Caverns" awhile back and wrote a review on RPG.net!







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On 3/5/2023 at 7:55 AM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Nice!  Good to see some Wankel love!! 4 rotor, I believe?



Tbh, I have no idea. I couldn't tell yah what year this car ran, ha ha. I just enjoy building the model & the paint scheme.

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On 3/9/2023 at 7:34 AM, Corsair said:

Preparing for Reapercon!

buc-ees cup.jpeg


I'd say you were a bit early, but every day is a good day for Buc-ee's. 



--OneBoot 🙂

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On 2/25/2023 at 11:37 AM, aku-chan said:

Durgin Paint Forge is having a weekend sale so I picked up some lady Dwarves I've been meaning to buy for ages:- Healer, Adventurer, Blacksmith, Inventor and Priestess.


Maybe this will give me some enthusiasm to work on the big box of their Elves I have.  



These arrived yesterday with a couple of freebies:- The lady Dwarf fighter (Who was out of stock when I ordered, so I now have a complete set) and a couple little robots.

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Casting Shadows KS came today.  Fed ex just said *something* was coming, so minor surprise. (Got the official shipping notice from the KS today about 9 hours after it showed up.)

I haz cute.  Plenty of other characters, and the game itself, but most excited for the pin and sticker of my current forum/discord avatar. And the vinyl fig. And the reversible plushie.  I don't have an axolotl problem.  And yes I bought fan favorites box in bones v. 




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For some reason the various Gundam models keep drawing me back in to assemble...got a HG RX-78-2 (Revive) and one of the Guncannons to put together for the shelf.

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