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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second


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Good hobby day, as a couple of orders from the past couple weeks caught up to me. I've increased my Army Painter Speedpaint collection by about half again as I add on colors that the Mega Set lacked - probably should have just sprung for the complete set, ah well. Also got a bunch of these cool dropper top crystal clusters, which can be used to show how a contrast paint will look on a figure - you can't rely on how it looks wet in the bottle, after all.

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20230914_173624.thumb.jpg.62adef5cc1d150cf947b1e83898b0209.jpgI am the proud new owner of a Garmin Venu 2s smart watch.  I primarily bought it to track my sleep, since I have been sleeping bad since my acquisition 2.5 months ago of a new left knee.  Joining the ranks of the minor cyborgs has just not been all that fun.  If the watch will get me to move more that is bonus. 

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 Jack was an idiot and ordered a Barrowgate Box yesterday.


Jack has several free figures coming due to the price of the order. The free poor that also came with the purchase has already arrived... :down:


I'm so poor I had to sell the last two letters of the word to pay rent - now I'm just po...


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Finally got around to taking a picture of my Reapercon stuff. There is also a paint triad and a couple of books, RoSD and Ghost Archipelago that didn't make it in. And yes....there will be dinosaurs in Ghost next year...[cue eerie music and evil laugh].


I forgot, the bag has 5 more goblins in it.

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