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Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

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Well, Mrs Hamster finished her 3D print job a little early.

I have acquired US citizenship!

Acquired a house.    

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CMON got me ws well. Was going to do a second order but made my willpower roll. Really happy I nabbed Kyle from Galapagos as I have been wanting him for a while.


Visions in Fantasy - Female Mage with Staff DSM7304 1 $1.60
DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Elle Lind - Female Paladin DSM4614 1 $2.40
DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Ash Firefeather - Female Elven Mage DSM4611 1 $2.00
DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Barty the Magnificent - Halfling Wizard DSM4608 1 $2.00
The Centaur (1) FIG-MF011 1 $4.20
Kyle GP-B003 1 $14.60
The Child Thief Limited Edition TKS-BROM02 1 $15.40


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That CMON sale is crazy good, quite a few Darksword minis fell into my cart this evening.  I was surprised that they still had a lot left.


In other acquisition news, hubby ordered enough parts to build me a new pc on Black Friday.

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On 11/27/2017 at 1:11 PM, Mad Jack said:


 Are those gaming chairs more comfortable for long-term use (8-10 hours or more) than the padded leather office-type chairs?

I spend a lot of time in my chair severely slouched down/sprawled out while reading the forums and such, and sometimes end up falling asleep in it.


I really need a new chair - I just recently applied a layer of duct tape over the electrical tape that it was covered in...


Just my 2 cents here...  ice had one for six months now and it is extremely helpful for me, especially the decline feature.  My posture is pretty poor due to some medical issues and it helps to lean back and keep my hips at a greater than. 90 degree angle.  I do still try to get up every hour or so but I feel a lot less fatigued at the end of the day when I use it


As for CMoN I am totally glad that I missed it.  Any panga I may get can be nullified by the war eagle and the hunting giant owl I already have that are dying for paint (I will get this feathers right!)  Ibwant completely immune though, black Friday saw me pick up a KDM armor kit, some seers and some children of the sun.


And then one of the sites for tillansias I window shop at had a 25% off sale prices...  my Christmas presents may include growing things. :huh:

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@Pezler the Polychromatic This is all your fault. ::P: I blame you fully for the following:


Visions in Fantasy - Cat Pack (7) $2.00

Libby the Conqueror Diorama $2.60

Secret Weapon Washes :: Sapphire $0.60

Secret Weapon Washes :: Green $0.60

Secret Weapon Washes :: Amethyst $0.60

Secret Weapon Washes :: Orange $0.60

Secret Weapon Washes :: Yellow Snow Wash $0.60

Secret Weapon Washes :: Sunshine Wash $0.60

Secret Weapon Washes :: Golden Brown (metallic) Wash $0.60

Hot Lead (3 DVD Set) $8.00


I thought I'd gotten off light, but nooooo, somebody just had to send me a link to the wee kitties. ::P:



--OneBoot :D

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1 minute ago, Cyradis said:


Well broccoli. I'm toast. 


Probably not as much as you might think. It's worth a look, but well over half (maybe even over 80%) of the SKUs have been run down to zero quantity. It looks like a supermarket 12 hours before the hurricane hits now.

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