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Fearless wretch
He watches
Lurking beneath the sea
Great old one
Forbidden site
He searches
Hunter of the shadows is rising
In madness you dwell


Looking forward to progress on this one.

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List of pain is as follows.
Castellan Green, Deathworld forest, Straken Green Elysian green, Ogryn Camo.  This will not be all the colors I will be using.  This is just for the skin.  His talons eyes and such will be different.  I may go with black spikes I'm not sure Bone would look right.....Any idea would be welcome.

This is the look I'm going to be shooting for.  For the skin and the eyes...


He was primed with Army painter black and base coated with Casrellan Green. 


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Update time: I am running out of green.  But that's ok its good to use up my GW paints....This is basically the base coats.  I have a little bit of fading started on the face tentacles.  My main problem is what to do with the horn on the back of his head and the spines alone his tail.  Ive been looking at other peoples versions.  Many of them have colored them bone instead of green.  Tried look at art but most of the art is him being all green 24/7 lol.  I haven't even considered the base yet.  I think the stone I will paint to match my other Cthulhu statue that I painted in another thread.  I'm debating on the ground...should I make it look like a beach...or just dirt?...Also this will likely be a stand in for a Star-Spawn and no the lord of madness himself. As I think he's a bit small for that...

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Update time: Big update lots oh pics


The body.  I have the highlights done so now I just need to blend them with a wash to darken the outer flesh and then a brighter glaze for the belly to blend the transition a bit better.  The ones on the belly needs some more work. 



Partially assembled...just a dry fit

And finally the face of madness!
Oh R'yleh!

Still thinking about whether I should leave the eyes a solid color or make them look like serpent eyes...It might be a good opportunity to practice.. but then again...I don't want to mess up a good thing....decisions decisions

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