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Jigsaw Paint Shaker

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Have to have a laugh in both humor and happiness after finally pulling my finger out and making a paint shaker out of a old jigsaw and a clamp.   Did it mainly to give my Reaper Paints a good shake.   But at work had a realization that I can use it to shake all the old pro paints I have squirrelled away in the hope I could do something to get the old paints back again.   The jigsaw shaker has resurrected paints I thought had long died.  Am SO freaking happy.   Some paints had settled so much they were just pigment and liquid.  Heh all fixed up now.  WOOT!


Only downside is that it is a bit loud.  Am sure my neighbors must think I am doing a hell of alot DIY atm LOL


Anyhoo that is all.  Had to share.  

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