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I must Ox you to look at this figure (Cyr painted a Musk Ox)


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2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


Ok Mr. Ox,

You are going to assist me to calm @Cyradis down over that spilled tea.


Why? you ask?


Well, remember that one night in Alaska?

Let's just say I know someone who wants to have a "talk" with you about "something" you gave her...

I might be persuaded not to reveal your location..


  Reveal hidden contents




Oh my ...




As long as you assist him to calm Cyradis, thats totally fine with me.

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12 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

I would like to point out Oxen and Wolves have always been great friends.

As you can see from this picture where our friends are clearly defending the innocent Wolves from danger.





You're as sly as your canine fox buddies! 

I counter with this! 




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Holy cow!  I ox-identally stumbled across this picture, and it behooves me to leave a comment on just how much it moo-ved me.


*koff koff*  Okay, okay, seriously, puns aside, that's a pretty cool figure.  I really like the way the little bits of concentrated color in the costume "pop" against the more neutral browns that dominate the rest of the figure.  :)

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So, first and foremost, I think you did a really nice job. Here, have some cookies. ::P:

It's a nice, solid and clean paint job. I like how crisp your freehand is and it's not cheating if it works, so well done on making the lining of the freehand easier on yourself. I know all too well how tough it is to push through to finishing a miniature when you get tired of it, so well done on completing it instead of sticking it on the shelf of shame.

What's out of balance on it is how very red the overall piece is. His fur is a reddish brown, his club is a reddish brown, his boots are a reddish brown and then you also have a bunch of red details all over him. So all of that red makes everything kind of meld together to the eye, so what pops the most is his mid-section where you have all that colour. That's where the eye immediately goes and it's where it wants to stay. Now there's nothing wrong with having a very colourful eye-catching part of the mini, but you either need to balance it out by bringing those colours to other areas of the figure to draw the eye around or you need to have really strong features on the face to make it clear that it's the focal point. If you look at Michael Proctor's version, for instance, despite having that very colourful mid-section, your eye is drawn to the face because he's got strong, clean highlights that really make the face pop.

Generally speaking, your highlights all over the figure could stand to be kicked up a couple of notches.

Overall, it's not a bad effort at all. You've got some really great things going on, like what I mentioned previously and on top of that, I also think that the wood looks like wood (I know the grain is sculpted in, I mean your colour choice,) the horns have a wonderful textured look to them, your grays have very lovely smooth blends and the bone spikes have a great, subtle grunge to them that does a good job of giving them an interesting look without being overpowering.

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2 hours ago, Cyradis said:

@Jordan Peacock is winning with the bovine puns!


@Glitterwolf has ulterior motives, like brisket and smoked ribs. 


I guess I should have gone haywire on my puns ... pun everyone to the ground or something like that.


What a baaaaaad day - ah, wait ... wrong animal. Nooooooo!

Edited by Knochensack
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