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Weberverse minis?

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For those of you who need edumakaten, pick up a copy of 'On Basilisk Station' by David Weber.


For those of you who knew instantly what I was talking about:


Wouldn't it rock, even in those hard-to-rock places for their to be minis based on that universe's ideas? Admittedly, the ships would be a little bland (double hammer-head design, and most of them are white), but minis of, say, 25mm scale (marines, officers, grunts) would be very, very cool...



Now if we can get Legal to take up the torch for us...


--so close, so very close.



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Right, that's it.


*takes his Hypnotoad on a while, crazy roadtrip the likes of which Hunter S. Thompson would be proud of, just so he can convince David Weber  to let Reaper do minis for the Weberverse.*


--Man, this Hypnotoad was the best running joke ever.



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