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Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like it. Glamberry your Pixie is very cute!
It's hard to see on the pictures but the black leather parts have dark green reflections.

I still have four Anthropomorphic Hamster to paint. The next one will be the Mage with Staff.

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Thanks for your comments. Critter Kingdoms models are really fun to paint. So far, I've been copying Jessica Rich's color scheme but I think I will go for something different on the next model. I want to paint my Mage coat a different color. I wonder if a dark red tone would do the trick.

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Thanks for your comments! Glamberry, your Pancake is also very cute. I will try to integrate his fur grey markings on another model. Although I already painted the fur on all the six Hamster I'm painting, grey might be appropriate for the Swashbuckler.


As for now, I did some color adjustment on the image of Jessica Rich Mage to see how it would look like in dark red.

What do you people think about it?



Original by Jessica Rich



Modified color test

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