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Wings of Glory - WWI

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Soooooo, those who read my Armada post may remember a statement I made that went like this: THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE... I think.   Well that went out the window when I saw some clearance planes called "Wings of War".  The models would look good on my display shelf... that is until I looked up  "Wings of War" and then "Wings of Glory" was listed also.  Needless to say when I saw the Videos they got me hook-line and sinker.DSCI1600.thumb.JPG.e9389c9a88ace65cbe35bbe71ab537a7.JPGDSCI1582.thumb.JPG.4b71aeeaae106560470f1ee9998d7b9a.JPGDSCI1583.thumb.JPG.cc8b95062570a2248f4dd1883e04067b.JPGDSCI1584.thumb.JPG.0b9a3175db11ab92675572466e01a8f0.JPG

Ah, the Emperor again, for scale comparison.DSCI1586.thumb.JPG.9ad55c38e60424bb43d7bb75d63a6a70.JPGDSCI1585.thumb.JPG.bbe6fbf6d1830b600005b5db4719a056.JPG

The painting detail is quite impressive.DSCI1587.thumb.JPG.53324cd42abc1f4fd92988bb653f1baf.JPG

So this is not the half of it.  Check out my next posting.

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10 hours ago, Egg of Coot said:

I like the WWII version of the game.  My problem is a lack of opponents locally.


The Egg

I have no idea how well this will go over but I will give it a try on two different groups to see if I can get any victims.

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West Front Encounter 9 December 2017


      Cotton/Betts were in their Airco DH.4 DSCI1787.thumb.JPG.abcc4493c30c377fbd4815ebdba23463.JPGwith Baracca in his Nieuport 17 DSCI1784.thumb.JPG.1191d411d4d944f2cdadb20672294ec9.JPGin accompaniment, over a section of no man’s land.  The approaching enemy was a Hannover CL.IIIA DSCI1786.thumb.JPG.a105c45aeef537ec688fb5c082cfc668.JPGand a U.F.A.G. C.I DSCI1785.thumb.JPG.4be13e65265e56108a2cd939988c91cd.JPGof Austrian-Hungarian origin. 

      It appears it was a chance encounter on both sides of a joint allied training mission.  Things started going wrong for our side when Baracca misunderstood hand signals directing him to stay to the right to keep us between him and the enemy force.  I ended up going it alone against both enemy planes.DSCI1783.thumb.JPG.5d07a596278941f69a8a99838113a579.JPG  Rather than continue without support I opted to swing around and join back up with Baracca DSCI1788.thumb.JPG.fae13324d13ee2c3bbdbac1db103cbd7.JPGDSCI1790.thumb.JPG.c4710553a3c48511dcd93fab5cca141b.JPGand then go at it again, damage was building and I had to contend with a jammed rear gun.  The first, second, and third action shots reflect this maneuver.  While this was going on, over the German front line a near collision ensued.DSCI1789.thumb.JPG.37af8e4de191ba6d4484df5fb41cc045.JPG  Once we were back on track we moved in for the attack.DSCI1791.thumb.JPG.8987c7a2ceae7804438a12fae8b9906e.JPGDSCI1792.thumb.JPG.17870b4a8f894ede4964d9d91adeb71e.JPG I traded shots with, what turned out to be, Hager and Weber and also took fire from the A-H (161-138) plane.DSCI1793.thumb.JPG.5c82e44e5df05e5e218c0656321bbc55.JPG  The A-H plane anticipated my maneuver and stayed on my tail with bullets all around.  My plane just could not stand up to all the punishment and went down.  As for Baracca, he went up in a ball of fire, till that point had suffered very little damage.DSCI1795.thumb.JPG.b9838464abab1f71e4f4967f9982e5cf.JPG

      So our side needs to be clear on our signaling and I need to do more maneuvers that would be more radical so as to be not so predictable.  (Husband shot down his wife… again, she running Baracca).

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On 12/29/2017 at 4:45 PM, Pegazus said:

Whelp. Picked up a duel pack, with an extra plane for the daughter, two days ago.


Now have 10 planes, and the wife is hooked too. Really want a nice big bomber, but that price tag! Oof!


For the bombers you can still get the french release of Wings or War Flight of the Giants pretty cheap shipped from France. I think it worked out to around $20 including the shipping to the US when I ordered it. The cards might not be as cool as the minis, but you get a lot of variety of bombers as well as a B damage deck. Not allowed to link to it here so you'll have to hunt for it if you're interested, but it's out there.

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Eastern Front

3 January, 2018



Austria-Hungary Air Force

UFAGC.I (161-138th.)

German Air Force

Hannover CL.IIIA (Hager/Weber)

Soviet Air Force

Sopwith Snipe (Sapozhnikov)

Royal Air Force

Airco DH 4 (Cotton/Betts) Photo Recon



  Mission :       British training mission for/with the Soviet Air Force.

We (Axis) are on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) in an area near the Germany border of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire when we spotted the Allied approach crossing the river.


  We maneuvered to each take on an enemy aircraft.


We flew by trading shots but the allies kept going not attempting to engage.




  We swung around to our left to try to reengage from their right flank.


  The Soviet pilot broke off to engage us again trading shots.


Hager continued on to go after the DH 4 with the Austrian going to dogfight the Soviet.


  The Soviet guns jammed shooting at Hager. The Austrian guns jammed shooting the Soviet.  Hager caught fire from the encounter with the DH 4’s tail gunner.  Fortunately the DH 4 turned and put Hager in a weapons blind spot.  Meanwhile the Austrian’s tail gunner was able to continue to take shots at the Soviet plane.



Hager, on the other hand, was able to shoot at the Airco, with guns jamming in the process, also ending up in the crosshairs of the DH 4 and nearly colliding.DSCI0023.thumb.JPG.b670080b0a31a830a3c1cba7ffc2975c.JPGDSCI0024.thumb.JPG.949b2ce0118ddb788c54af67e4705211.JPG The Soviet was out of the fight for a time trying to come around.  The Austrian finally cleared his guns to take on the Airco, while the Airco’s and Hager’s tail gunners traded shots.  Hager’s fire was almost out, but the Airco caught fire from the Austrian guns. DSCI0025.thumb.JPG.7ad31fbc84713eee2aad1ebf7255d342.JPGDSCI0027.thumb.JPG.db3d4fb2a5a14f26531240bc6c30ca31.JPGDSCI0028.thumb.JPG.7a84b2a1f11375fce679aaafb26a2f4f.JPGBoth Axis planes ended up swinging to the left but the Airco went right so the Soviet plane became primary focus of the Axis.DSCI0029.thumb.JPG.03845908477d061882abe93bc14c95a3.JPG DSCI0030.thumb.JPG.504d8dedba8f5b9b1071880cd4553ce9.JPGDSCI0031.thumb.JPG.ec3999f80426fde1800fd4b444d99a60.JPGDSCI0034.thumb.JPG.1c30646378906f6cae636a2c42a79e71.JPGDSCI0036.thumb.JPG.3fdcaa9ee4baae40357c2cab06c07ffb.JPGDSCI0038.thumb.JPG.b82a61661d79b588a55bbcdedf731c32.JPGDSCI0041.thumb.JPG.c33086940cc4277f3cf4b7dfa4980143.JPGDSCI0043.thumb.JPG.0547002454f350c75a9f26fb3048e669.JPGWith much maneuvering and trading shots the Airco eventually came around. DSCI0044.thumb.JPG.9555a295586f51e115c00105985a7cf7.JPGDSCI0045.thumb.JPG.71ef957c21c833c1698fe2555328f360.JPG DSCI0046.thumb.JPG.03411da01fb08fdc206e158ba625b894.JPGDSCI0047.thumb.JPG.0dcf4ed2c9fb6f8486913706335f1e39.JPGDSCI0048.thumb.JPG.670a99e2a14c6ec145942b1d2ec51c19.JPGThe Axis ended up in some bad positions and needed to do some aggressive maneuvers to try and maintain distance and keep the tail gunner in the correct firing arc. DSCI0050.thumb.JPG.6090e9cd04a34d8ecaefd19bce4a6745.JPGDSCI0051.thumb.JPG.6b9d6f9132bf7f935db4015f5732185d.JPGDSCI0052.thumb.JPG.736ea1508ff08be2d2db237aaa9a0e04.JPGDSCI0053.thumb.JPG.824514abb3ce96e7d485deec304407f6.JPGDSCI0054.thumb.JPG.2e0e48093c75828f915d8fdbe3a6f1ab.JPGDSCI0055.thumb.JPG.496c3846a045718f62b3a14ae39e9113.JPGDSCI0056.thumb.JPG.da418b891769ad42335e0d084f0f0f01.JPGDSCI0057.thumb.JPG.750d9416b7334230a3332bd3046e3281.JPGDSCI0058.thumb.JPG.112df71b3f18bd2800e10ba97ca31235.JPG The Axis did manage to evade most of the Allied shots as did the Allies.  The Allies were able to cross back over the river, having obtained their photos and escape. DSCI0060.thumb.JPG.0d3d776659cab97ae6d451bf5dfef136.JPGDSCI0061.thumb.JPG.09e8f166d818221151cf468d695b9aa2.JPGDSCI0062.thumb.JPG.687a4bfafa9b4d468191db466a98d4a3.JPGDSCI0063.thumb.JPG.37fc9e35adb604f0ed3117b7c56892c9.JPGDSCI0064.thumb.JPG.ea213d35e6539be1805a51ab4cbb9a75.JPGDSCI0065.thumb.JPG.a93c5d1b54b31928cf3fb745f35adc67.JPG 

The Cross markers on the mats represented possible photo targets.






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We did an experiment by putting the fire/jam markers on the bases instead of the flight card, so as to be reminded of our situation in the heat of battle.  It turned out to be the better of the two options, so as to keep us on our toes in maneuvering, based upon what we could and could not do.

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I was in a JoAnn Fabrics store just looking around to see what they had that may be useful, such as tools, building materials, storage cases, whatever.  I found these cases and thought I would give them a try with the Wings of Glory games for the various tokens the games comes with.DSCI0005.thumb.JPG.249550571887ae1622bc913d602cc42a.JPGDSCI0006.thumb.JPG.127c98b8b09cc1562afb9f6ea795f402.JPGDSCI0007.thumb.JPG.625be5ff773fc589560cd2f228f2473f.JPG

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Well it has been a month with everyone tied up.  Finally we are back at it.  Hmmm, changed the Forum  I see.  Do not like it, but that's me.  We go through this at work, our motto is if it is not broke do not fix it.   The leadership's motto is, fix it till it is broke, so anyway.


Wings of Glory

Western Front



Cotton/Betts in an Airco DH.4 vs. a Luftstreitkrafte Albatros C.III

Bartlett/Naylor in an Airco DH.4     Meinecke/? In an Albatros C.III


This was a brief encounter, less than a half hour.  The allies had a plan of focusing on Meinecke as the axis planes being so divergent, lent to allowing concentration on one at a time, DSCI01.thumb.JPG.96ffb62a5c37676dbab776a21ef0a5db.JPGbut as you proceed you will see a fortunately placed shot can change everything.  DSCI02.thumb.JPG.19aea6e9ecb7f0e66482e2ab7440768f.JPGDSCI03.thumb.JPG.971f3cdccf1f129c3aeddf895ca65b08.JPGMeinecke still flies, with the Luftstreitkrafte Albatros exploding.  DSCI04.thumb.JPG.93af03dc10d114372ed9d11a59da8581.JPGDSCI05.thumb.JPG.03dac81090c7343447ab263369cca3d1.JPGNow it is only a matter of time for Meinecke, unless he becomes as fortunate as Cotton.  (The Wife shot down the Husband… again)  DSCI06.thumb.JPG.4962d9e6dcd6730f83e091332e78be48.JPGThere we have it, Meinecke is down.DSCI07.thumb.JPG.1341ee49b0d3f37cca714bb95c1eaa00.JPG

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