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Wings of Glory - WWI

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Retake on the battle.

Wings of Glory

Western Front



Cotton/Betts in an Airco DH.4 vs. a Luftstreitkrafte Albatros C.III

Bartlett/Naylor in an Airco DH.4     Meinecke/? In an Albatros C.III

In this encounter you will see more activity, especially with guns jamming frequently and a few close encounters.   In this battle the allies focused on the Luftstreitkrafte pilot, as once again the axis choose to maintain positions that do not allow for a quick response to another in trouble. DSCI0210.thumb.JPG.88962384eaa76466150814b3fe8624a7.JPG A great deal of Dogfighting, DSCI0211.thumb.JPG.14b71b73f438030247040789d76ebed3.JPGDSCI0212.thumb.JPG.0dda589b4254495690b1ada0077f7c6b.JPGand many shots being traded, DSCI0213.thumb.JPG.a6a5d4996bcdcd86e9121526d2092e9e.JPGDSCI0214.thumb.JPG.e7615efa6721273d19f39e8f78bae0b1.JPGDSCI0215.thumb.JPG.155004bc3a5a061bafc9c8394876f695.JPGDSCI0216.thumb.JPG.356ebd4117c426aca96bea2c955cdc57.JPGDSCI0217.thumb.JPG.b169e738e210fe64909392cfbd030187.JPGDSCI0219.thumb.JPG.18321b145b4e307d8fd5960937cb89c1.JPGDSCI0220.thumb.JPG.7c5c0094cc92a74b710db616b2b21698.JPGDSCI0221.thumb.JPG.15581eaa89ca3b75230ccc381e3cdf22.JPGDSCI0222.thumb.JPG.925411a97c0de19b550c5433f8d15321.JPGDSCI0223.thumb.JPG.c7e8608614941873faa6f606549c308e.JPGfinally the Luftstreitkrafte taking down Cotton.  DSCI0224.thumb.JPG.118fd302c596d93d269571ef4e9c7b6b.JPG(Yup, the Husband got the Wife this time.)   Bartlett is on his own and can he handle two opponents?  He continues to press the attack.  He finally moved in behind Meinecke and took him down, but in the mean time the Luftstreitkrafte pilot followed suit and replied in the same manner.DSCI0225.thumb.JPG.44b037b1413874bb44c94bc38eb277e7.JPG


Battle out comes is one to one.

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Western Front




Morane-Saulnier Type N          Eugene Gilbert AME MS 49

Airco DH.4                              F.S. Cotton/E.B.C. Betts  RNAS

Sopwith Snipe                          Grigoriy Stepanovich Sapozhnikov WS R-KYKA., 1st INADSCI0187.thumb.JPG.3f723e3bf6d30d23a81bd4855f977a08.JPGDSCI0188.thumb.JPG.5a63cdea5bfce8582505c619ce9a7fa2.JPG





Roland C.IIA                           Luftstreitkrafte F (A) 292B

Halberstadt CL.II                     Luftstreitkrafte Schlachtstaffel 23B

Albatros D.III                           Kurt Gruber KUK Luftfahrtruppen Flick 41JDSCI0189.thumb.JPG.ec2d5878c040c17a19c873d07a8b0fbf.JPG


            The opposing forces spot each other before crossing no-mans land. DSCI0185.thumb.JPG.8ad3e48b646c490ca269eac81a198c2a.JPGThe Axis force is gradually shifting to the right and the Allies have yet to respond to the maneuver.DSCI0186.thumb.JPG.f3aa9d4c947a865f86b2fdd16f3ea3fb.JPG  After shifting right until almost abreast of each other and simultaneously banking hard left getting right into battle.DSCI0190.thumb.JPG.dc5f648b61bf125036caac712ca46791.JPG Immediately Eugene is set on fire and his guns jamb. With the Axis banking right they take on Grigoriy and damage him enough to get him smoking,DSCI0191.thumb.JPG.7e8f3cc3ba70e3f406434236141e0ee5.JPG resulting in Kurt’s guns jamb as well as the Halberstadt’s.  At this time Kurt unjames his guns.DSCI0192.thumb.JPG.a1a31e9e9d5884d3e4dde6ea7484eacb.JPGDSCI0193.thumb.JPG.4b09d4238203f153792ec5dae40b79e7.JPGDSCI0194.thumb.JPG.c44aac770414b262bc68c65b0b2b3fcd.JPGDSCI0195.thumb.JPG.da0b8121739e13bc97fcb6f3ef20282f.JPG  After maneuvering around, Grigoriy is injured.DSCI0196.thumb.JPG.7d66ba7e99206386b0c2e662fa253c99.JPG But his aeroplane has stopped smoking.DSCI0197.thumb.JPG.913a0cb885282b141159de7e5e313b28.JPG During these passes the Albatross had taken so much damage his rudder was locked.DSCI0198.thumb.JPG.a956318f89a143e710685bf5af0522e5.JPG  The only way he could stay in the battle, was use the Immelmann maneuver.DSCI0199.thumb.JPG.18b9b3792d371d6d05e3128225a001ee.JPG  The Allies did not catch on to this fact with the other aeroplanes staying close.DSCI0200.thumb.JPG.66f3f77fbb80afaac4c3268f20570465.JPG  In the mean time, Kurt’s aeroplane’s rudder could not turn left.DSCI0201.thumb.JPG.3d8ff48347d7cf5fb058185957cedafa.JPG  Here Grigoriy’s plane is actually under Kurt’s.DSCI0202.thumb.JPG.b243a8f2321860d657cb60587135af91.JPG  Here is where Eugene exploded.DSCI0203.thumb.JPG.6f83bb30c4a30416d666488de9e0407f.JPG  DSCI0204.thumb.JPG.cbbb9e60c33a6178775beb580e55c9bf.JPGDSCI0204.thumb.JPG.cbbb9e60c33a6178775beb580e55c9bf.JPGEventually Cotton’s plane starts smoking and his forward guns jamb.DSCI0205.thumb.JPG.d5ed278097463611988f6f65d551b79f.JPGDSCI0206.thumb.JPG.3e855241210926376a2642394bc8d711.JPGDSCI0206.thumb.JPG.3e855241210926376a2642394bc8d711.JPGDSCI0207.thumb.JPG.68f54018e73b1efc84b5c8b193a505bd.JPGDSCI0208.thumb.JPG.97b8bf1c5613ee89b7f5d361cde6400c.JPG  Here Kurt and Grigoriy face one another and Grigoriy’s guns jamb again.DSCI0209.thumb.JPG.9aaba04ee31d1e326e8d954c36843470.JPG  The Airco’s encounter with the Roland causes it to start smoking and eventually fire.DSCI0210.thumb.JPG.e9611ff5133cb1dbba2e702378b43446.JPGDSCI0211.thumb.JPG.e73853b4492d39791564569c190edb6a.JPG   Wow the Airco just blew up.DSCI0212.thumb.JPG.db2e959b6495e43e069dc54d6d102c18.JPG  Grigoriy has decided he has had enough of training on the Western Front, seee ya…DSCI0213.thumb.JPG.ddb4643f60fe7faaba5dc1c727712416.JPG

Final results of battle.DSCI0214.thumb.JPG.5c55bc49db29a0aaaa6cb9b7ae9446da.JPG  We also upgraded to the standard  game.

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Western Front



Bristol F.2B Fighter RAF 22Sqdn       William Harvey
                                                                   Dennis Waight
Airco DH.4 RNAS                                  F.S. Cotton
                                                                  E.B.C. Betts
Sopwith Snipe VVS R-K KA 1st. I.A. Grigoriy Stepanovich Sapozhnikov



Hannover CL.IIIa Liftstreitrafte            Unbekannter Pilot
KUK Luftfahrtruppen Flick 62/S              Unbekannter Pilot
Siemens-Schuckert D.III Liftstreitrafte Jasta 15       Oliver von Beaulieu Marconnay


          The Axis and Allies initially are going head to head, but the Hannover Pilot breaks left with the intent of either breaking their formation, and if not then try to hit them in the flank.DSCI0215.thumb.JPG.802dc73b5a51412deffac7365c80e97c.JPGDSCI0216.thumb.JPG.160d56e733ee2e5ff1f1273e8558acc5.JPGDSCI0217.thumb.JPG.6682b83d389c2d2c8ec31ac3cbf8ce70.JPG  If possible getting the Allies in a cross fire if they continue to hold their formation.DSCI0218.thumb.JPG.20d3b6c9f927ef5d39ab1077c354b14c.JPG  The Axis commence a right flank action and draws all the Allies after them.DSCI0219.thumb.JPG.f0d805916f09ff66a8071b626f57aba0.JPG  As the formations draw close, Oliver banks hard over to the left, during this time the Hannover is closing on the Allies rear.  The Austrian aeroplane continues on but does not get the Allies to take the bait.  The Allies immediately reverse course when Oliver gets too close.  The Allies swarm Oliver, and to his miss fortune hit the fuel supply resulting in an explosion with no chance of bailing.DSCI0220.thumb.JPG.3c2a240f64933c96e3b09f3c84bd2986.JPG  As the remaining Axis aeroplanes close in, the Hannover pilot returns like action against the Bristol and flames him.DSCI0226.thumb.JPG.b1a3814cb8bae4732449f0533fbe3441.JPG  After some more maneuvering the Austrian causes a fire on the Airco aeroplane which also ends up with jammed guns, but in return causes a fire on the Austrian aeroplane. DSCI0227.thumb.JPG.d4c002738af5a3261d1c823a29d58289.JPGDSCI0228.thumb.JPG.4dc4fe91075ecbd14ba53a5760a5fefb.JPGDSCI0229.thumb.JPG.02eee1c09212a93f9e801b29983b1c68.JPG The Hannover gets his turn and injures the pilot, but the rear gunner finishes off the Austrian, also in an explosion.DSCI0230.thumb.JPG.99e5befd0b5fbd20ed81fe08681c5bc1.JPG The Hannover’s maneuvers bring him in behind the Allies.  Evidently the Airco aeroplane has suffered more damage than is visible and continues on, leaving the area, resulting in the Russian and the Hannover aeroplane left, to carry on the fight.DSCI0231.thumb.JPG.c5dbf89953292264191beea8f5521c2a.JPGDSCI0232.thumb.JPG.adb4d807b3a63e4cdf2b3edad2f0f079.JPGDSCI0233.thumb.JPG.2f3a60ac47749ede753b6da9a5f60674.JPGDSCI0234.thumb.JPG.4de2e122685fc4181842ca646deb5065.JPG  The end result of vying for a good shooting resolution, with both receiving damage, the Russian was out gunned, being taken out by the Hannover’s rear gunner.DSCI0235.thumb.JPG.a7df911979bd53d1ac81fada098eccbc.JPGDSCI0236.thumb.JPG.0035d7a31189f6c22aaf7083ca54a6bf.JPGDSCI0237.thumb.JPG.1de3dee7eb52bd27637141d4b80b01b2.JPG  Condition of the remaining aeroplane. I think follow on battles I will show the status of each plane, even at the time of loss.DSCI0238.thumb.JPG.e90b450cfa22c548f85a8f20c3459210.JPG

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Western Front




Airco DH.4 A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Force), 50th Sqdn.     

Airco DH.4  R.N. Air Service

                 Sopwith Snipe 1 VVS Raboche-Krest’Yanskoi Armii ·

Istrebitel ‘Nyi Aviaotryad



Axis Central Powers


(4) Hannover CL.IIIa Luftstreitkrafte



       A mixed allied flight on a joint training mission strayed a tad bit too close to the Front and encountered a reciprocal force on a training/recon flight.DSCI0341.thumb.JPG.360b4d730952e326e67700457e2427c2.JPGDSCI0340.thumb.JPG.b2c080a310dc46031046456fbe9ea199.JPGDSCI0342.thumb.JPG.6bfae83d365c12f61ab031802398c589.JPGDSCI0343.thumb.JPG.98bb64dd11442b3cda5b6674e5fb73ad.JPGDSCI0344.thumb.JPG.bb4ca2c306660ee46477c2604d6f744b.JPGDSCI0345.thumb.JPG.b2fe2a5df484d5db04b39600102698d6.JPG  Not wasting any time the Germans headed for the mixed U.S./U.K./Russian group.  The allies were a little hesitant seeing a tight formation heading their way and having three different operatives not familiar with each other, and not much experience working together.  The decision was to drive on into the on coming German formation.

       The formations met a bit off center of one another, this prompting the Hannover on the right flank to break formation and hope to intercept the allies as they pass through.DSCI0346.thumb.JPG.703da234083dbef2f9cc31fa7ddc41a9.JPG  The maneuver worked as intended and caught the allies in the flank.  In the ensuing melee the DH.4 of the R.N. went down in flames and the American DH.4 to catch fire.DSCI0347.thumb.JPG.8a3a1565faf85dd23bf4e20a60196494.JPGDSCI0348.thumb.JPG.e098c3de0ed0cc6bf1a41a9d94e1cb74.JPG  The Germans had rather light damage.  Now the Germans were attempting to regroup their formation while trailing the allies.DSCI0350.thumb.JPG.433e0063156439e2f99ed1b4b7e3cece.JPGDSCI0351.thumb.JPG.e92109e971ed8eaceb57cac016440bda.JPG In the mean time the allies wanted to distance themselves from their numerous foes in their less than full combat worthy conditions.DSCI0352.thumb.JPG.943793b1e01be8cbaef54ab8a5871422.JPG Unfortunately for the allies, it was necessary to pass by the Germans once again and the results were devastating, losing the Russian.DSCI0353.thumb.JPG.8364a4953f1d354a8dc911f6d80e4fcc.JPGDSCI0355.thumb.JPG.b2b319a9bf9e460968cc78c105843bc6.JPGDSCI0356.thumb.JPG.b8fa9b22ddb0654eca25794e3efa1875.JPG  Now the resulting position for the American was crossing in front of four enemy aircraft, three of which had the range to deal enough damage to bring down the American.   Here are the results for each aircraft.DSCI0349.thumb.JPG.b469bf70ee25f2a52196d999f3ff62c4.JPGDSCI0354.thumb.JPG.d92a765fca7a12d028f11a3ed5d7c662.JPGDSCI0357.thumb.JPG.f5589bdb0c0ee6c1f3305f1d568bf657.JPGDSCI0358.thumb.JPG.f0104bbff383f2dcb0fa9e3c2483d479.JPG

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