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Wings of Glory - WWII

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April 28 2nd. Attempt

Allies:       British

                 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.IF - Boyd
                 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I - 610 Squadron


Axis:         German

                 Messerschmitt Bf.109 K-4 - Hartmann
                 Focke Wolf FW-190 D-9 - 7./JG 26



         In this rematch the Brits made a critical mistake with the splitting of their formation.DSCI0065.thumb.JPG.59c4fb847a46e13db289fc1d9b24be6d.JPGDSCI0066.thumb.JPG.6f3ea9ba8af453e2fad521d2417f79f2.JPG The Beaufighter may have massive fire power but is very limited in maneuverability.  I was chasing Hartmann and we dueled until he got in behind my position.DSCI0067.thumb.JPG.e55c3be45eb05adaee79d23333ba171b.JPG  At close range his cannon did me in.  During this time the Beaufighter took on the 190, hitting it repeatedly then switched targets and went after Hartmann and blew him out of the sky.DSCI0068.thumb.JPG.479eeeed1303a9ada30b9e66b0fb5e6a.JPGDSCI0069.thumb.JPG.7478a8a23ddbdd7b6a057d375c289e1a.JPG  Now the Beaufighter and the 190 were going at it. It came down to whom would get into position first.DSCI0070.thumb.JPG.dc553213ff9e3ac969230a8f07be91d4.JPGDSCI0071.thumb.JPG.5b611dc903ae1e83a71c2284724d7dc3.JPGDSCI0072.thumb.JPG.850367c25edf0c4ae083088a345fb167.JPG  It was close but the 190 had the edge by getting in the first shot that gave just enough damage to take down the Beaufighter.DSCI0073.thumb.JPG.431ef6c240dfdf7269c1c3252e2c13d9.JPG


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Italian Encounter



Allies:      P-51 D Mustang              Axis:        Fiat CR.42 Falco    

                P-47 D Thunderbolt                         Fiat CR.42 Falco

                P-47 D Thunderbolt                         Reggiane RE.2001 Falco II

                                                                              Reggiane RE.2001 Falco II


It is a desperate time of the war for the Italians, throwing up whatever they had available, to halt the Allied advance.DSCI0314.thumb.JPG.cd3e506da77ffb3d677cc14820cb46da.JPG  The Allies were closing fast.DSCI0315.thumb.JPG.a0e1a342cbac7e547d487cecd48c1745.JPGDSCI0316.thumb.JPG.922051b39712cf0d3a65772ca5b99285.JPGDSCI0317.thumb.JPG.9ca1a8d8df6e615aaac0572b956cf2d0.JPG

        The RE.2001s tangle with the Allies while the CR.42s catch up, with a flank attack.DSCI0318.thumb.JPG.c388ed142dcafe780ea3d7b708973c43.JPG Early on in the battle one of the P-47Ds explodes.DSCI0319.thumb.JPG.b929d47eceac81ae60a6bc5ec6cd0c08.JPGP47Dsilver.thumb.JPG.6951701572aeb58dd73398b524c515e9.JPGThis helps the Italians even up the sides a bit. Later on the black RE.2001 takes sufficient damage to knock it out of the battle.DSCI0321.thumb.JPG.e2d37c4a445abaf0b9ec6279ec09ced5.JPG  The two CR.42s, put a few rounds into the P-51D, they have done well to hit all three of the Allied planes at some point of the battle.DSCI0322.thumb.JPG.c8321fe69d4025ea7b617cf4cc4eb766.JPGDSCI0323.thumb.JPG.639c71758efa455bcb3bfe7408526cb2.JPGDSCI0324.thumb.JPG.49f80d7a0fd68c29769516e49dcf43a9.JPG  The flying has been very energetic with several Immelmann maneuvers, tight turns, and stalls.  Here a stall has a P-47D flying past the RE.2001 and placing himself in a bad situation.DSCI0325.thumb.JPG.b1aa95dc1e375505fa58acdd84973e81.JPGDSCI0326.thumb.JPG.0e0f7d4958eb696ce0f9541141e21286.JPG  The results have become painfully obvious.P47Dblack.thumb.JPG.490f1c79e45c9f07d8c781cf31e5231b.JPG  DSCI0329.thumb.JPG.862c209ec0c4fd3c2227ee6e12b6b30e.JPGDSCI0330.thumb.JPG.7d7f7af4484b229aa2a74dd0c5136baa.JPGDSCI0331.thumb.JPG.692b46b7025ec11c6248738255f3fae2.JPGYou would think the Mustang would be in a world of hurt being out numbered three to one, but an Immelmann puts a CR.42 point blank in front of six .50 caliber machine guns.  His plane shredded, goes down.  Once again shots are traded with minimal results.DSCI0332.thumb.JPG.7853f39134cfcf70f63e3eb08d4410ae.JPG  The other CR.42 is not so fortunate in exchanging shots.DSCI0333.thumb.JPG.d1d85204104575fa1cf7297a34752332.JPG  Down to one on one, in the midst of circling one another, the RE.2001 gets off more shots with little effect.DSCI0334.thumb.JPG.e08f275da58ec1bb09f3cc4e61b0faca.JPGDSCI0335.thumb.JPG.9a012addc83c2040a9922c40e17effc6.JPGDSCI0336.thumb.JPG.568dcb189b0e1c246caf5b0abef1cfd0.JPGDSCI0337.thumb.JPG.d9b3ccdfbbbe8c9104e66cd98a1237e4.JPG  The final maneuvers with the Mustang pulling yet another Immelmann, finishes off the Falco, himself four hits shy of being finished off. Mustang.thumb.JPG.ae1a53e139c1683e3094703f4a277b9d.JPG

This is the first Standard Rules battle, with one slight slip-up, I left out the special damage counters… next time though.


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      It is never a good idea to play a alternate history video game when you own a 3d printer and love history. My first mini off the the printer is the T95 tank destroyer It was an American prototype. This is in 1/100 scale and it is big for that scale.
      It will need to be cured tomorrow and cleaned up for assembly. 
      Here it is mock assembled next to a Flames of war 76mm Sherman.

      Currently working on tiger 2, 105 Pershing and E-100 Turrets. The hulls will come after that.
      Now to find a good looking Maus Stl .
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      I finally finished some of the WWII German tanks that I have in the stash. These are a bit on the unusual side even for the Germans. The 21st Panzer Division was part of the German’s D-Day defenses but had not really been properly equipped. Major Alfred Becker converted Obsolete French tanks and carriers to help equip the Division.
      These are from Mad Bob Miniatures, they are all resin and only require a bit of assembly. The resin is a bit on the soft side and the longer gun had to be straightened. The castings are a bit rough as well but since they are gaming pieces I didn’t take the time to smooth things out,  just normal prep. I would have liked something a bit more detailed but, for the price and the amount of use they will see, they are about perfect.

      Here are the ones I have completed so far:
      Starting off with the mSPW S307(f) with a Pak 40 ATG

      Then 3 self propelled artillery pieces, SdKfz 135/1 “Lorraine Schlepper”

      These are relatively small vehicles so they don’t need a lot of storage room. Since they are open topped they will be getting a few crew figures at some point as well. The 135/1 should have a blade in the back to absorb recoil when the gun is fired. I’m still considering scratch building these because they seem a bit incomplete right now.
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      Today marks the 76th Anniversary of what has been dubbed "The Longest Day", when the push to liberate Europe from NAZI Oppression and predation set foot on the beaches of Normandy, France.
      Please keep all the brave men [and the corp of Nurses who didn't have to but volunteered anyway] who sacrificed so much for all of us in that and the subsequent days and months.
      Proud to be a US Navy Veteran
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