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Jungle Photo Backdrop Board Terrain by Glitterwolf


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6 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Thant turned out great, Glitterwolf!    The layering and varying texture and palette of the plant life really looks authentic!


Thanks Chris!

I was inspired by Malefactus and your work.

Building terrain pieces is really fun.


Now to get more storage room...

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4 hours ago, monoRAIL said:

Very creative! I usually use paper and cardboard for the backdrops in my photos.




I usually use printouts, but since I paint a lot of minis for the Lost World Project I figured a nice backdrop board might be in order.

That, and after seeing the boars Malefactus had built and Chris Palmer's terrain, it seemed like fun.

And it was..

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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

You did an absolutely amazing job on this, GW!!

I forget who made the comment about it being a cool reference photo, but I definitely agree with them, this looks like something out of National Geographic.

Fantastic job!:winkthumbs:



Thank you!

That would have been Vulture.


That's very flattering.


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