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One of my players fell in love with the Devona model, but she's playing an archer.  So I whipped out the selection of alternate weapons from Bones 3, and here we go:






Removing the staff portions from the center of her hand took a lot of ticklish work with an exacto knife.  The glue is setting right now.  I want to give it plenty of time to set -- I'm worried about the bow coming off later.  I didn't see any way to pin it given the bow's lack of any particular thickness to drill into on the horizontal plane.


Any suggestions for ensuring the bow stays in place are welcome!

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1 hour ago, kerthnk said:

Cool Idea. Might I suggest lowering her arm so it looks more natural? You can probably swing that with boiling and ice, no greenstuff involved :)

To keep the bow in place, pin it.


With Bones, no need to pin. Superglue will hold it just fine.

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Here she is fresh out of the frigidarium:




There, that's a somewhat more natural pose.  You can still see the water around her feet -- oh well, it'll dry.  I'm pleased that the superglue held up to about 30 seconds of immersion in boiling water.  I hope the bond hasn't weakened.


The player whose mini this is has asked to paint it herself -- I just handled the modding bit.  So I don't know if this WIP will be updated any further.

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    • By Shadespyre
      As seen in the WIP section (thanks for all who helped me out). I thought I'd pop her here as no one else seems to have painted her. 
      (Note that the enlarged elf ears and the base / mushrooms are my own additions)
    • By Brianuk
      I'd asked for some advice on this mini on the tips and advice sub board and it was really useful and enjoyable to discuss a mini as I worked on it. 
      I really like this sculpt and the characterisation and my concern had been that I wanted a bright, clean style and palette. This isn't my usual style so it was good to run through things. I used wash (aka liquid skill aka gloop gloop gloop) less and highlighted more. 
      She will be used for skirmish and mass battle games. I painted a Bones version of her terribly some time ago so may need to buy the metal version of her, dismounted. 

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      Ceneric, Wihtboḡa Warrior from Mierce Miniatures:




      Thanks for looking!
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      Have nearly finished her, I think, but I am scared about shading her by using a wash. I might just work up more highlights. 
      On the other hand if I did a careful, weak black wash, there would be some extra definition. I think brown or sepia would just dull everything down. 
      What do people think?

    • By Shadespyre
      Not seen many painted examples of this mini, which is odd because I love the pose and demeanour of her. I've sketched in the basic colours but it's not really speaking to me at this point. I think I could do something with tweaking some shades and maybe introducing a spot colour to lift it. I can't decide how to paint the tassles, for example. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears - which reminds me, I added big elfy ears to the model, should it look odd to anyone. I'd love to see anyone else's version of this mini, too.

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