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Bones 3 Frost Giant Queen WIP

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So I decided to start the Frost Giant Queen. Skin is tough for me so I thought working on a larger model might help get used to shading a bit. I wanted to keep her skin close to humanoid but still most frost like. So its varying shades of spectral white with more white or amethyst purple for shading. It's better than I've been doing but still needs work.  This is also the first time that I haven't put a model altogether first. Usually, I put everything together than paint. Given that I'd just be holding her head the whole time, I figured I'd leave it off. It certainly did make it easier to work on the shoulders.


The cloak is a little more whimsical blue than I wanted when I was mixing colors but I do like it with the contrast of the fur cape. I think I'll do some darker stippling along the bottom for travel stains and wear. I think the fur turned out pretty well so I'm happy with that. 


What I'm stumped on is the feature color of her actual clothes. I want to make her hair an indigo color base so I'm debating a color scheme that goes with that and the cloak. I was debating varying forms of pale silver but not sure if that's too much gray with the hide. 


If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. For now,  I think I'll take a break, eat dinner and look at her after a bit. 



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Thanks everyone for the remarks! Life got in the way of painting a bit but slowly working on her again and got pics up finally. Just have to get into some of her accessories now and her staff, though seeing some of the colors coming in Bones 4 has given me some ideas of colors to mix up. I like the blue hair but I think I need to work on its highlighting a bit more. I went back in and glazed over the gray skirt more to soften it more. I have to go back and fix her eyes. She's a little cross-eyed. But I think the rest of her face looks pretty decent. I gave her an eyebrow for the one that is visible since it seemed odd not to have one. So more work to do but she seems to be coming along well enough. 




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