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03767: Nemesra, Dancing Girl

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I am a slacker.  I'm blaming it on the eclipse!

I've been painting, but just not posting. So, here is some progress:



I messed with a bunch of layers.  I hate to say it, layering really is the best way I know to get a smooth blend.  I try and try with my wet blending, but when I lay down thinned paint over and over it makes all the difference in the world.  Sigh.




I tried for a bit of makeup on the face.  I'm missing the 1/10 scale busts right about now.  At any rate- sheer cloth.  Once I get the sense of where I want to put the skin effect, I glaze the blue back over it to, 1) soften the transition and 2) tone the skin back slightly into the blue range.  It makes it appear as if there is a thin layers of blue fabric over the skin.  One of the sneaky tricks is to add opaque areas as if they were folds of fabric in some places.  It helps to think of how the fabric would flow so the lines make sense.  For example above- it wouldn't make sense to have horizontal freehanded wrinkles right?




And then... I lost my mind and decided to move into crazy town!  Here I come, crazy town!!




So, out of focus because My camera might still be recuperating from eclipse-photoing, right?  :)  The plan is to have a mirror but the reflection be a succubus.  Because... reasons.




So I made a few greenstuff cloths because I still want to work some freehand paisley designs in and I like dancing lady's cloths smooth right now.  I wasn't sure which of the above I'd use, so I made 3.  And a few others that lay flat just in case.  Then I started making some stones for the base.




I used a flat piece of cork to press down and make the tiled base flat/even and textured at the same time, then I carved in the lines.




I think the composition of the cloth will work.  I'm calling her "Jezebel." Yay!

Oh- the gray is made from walnut brown and linen white.  I'll work more color in but I wanted to see what it looked like with a bit of color.  I still like to work in colors I've used elsewhere to make it more cohesive.  And I don't want the floor to stand out too much.




Hmmn.  It sort of works.  Need to adjust reflection before I get any further with the basecoating.




So that's what I want it to look like.  I'd debated how to make the mirror stand up- with part of a wall a whole wall or a fancy mirror stand and decided to go with the wall.  Unless anyone has a brilliant idea to make this somehow less complicated!!!  Anyone? 




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Magnificent work!!!

Love your trip to crazy town, everything is a bargain there,

and you learn so very very much going through a stroll !!!

Can't wait to see this enshrined in the great mini's by Corporea !!


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oh I almost forgot- I'd made some adjustments before taking her off the cork.  I added a glaze of pumpkin orange to the skin like I'd planned. 



I had to go back and pick up some of the highlights, but I like the way to added some more zest to the skintone.  Now i need to get her back on the cork to do touch-ups!  But it is hard to make the base planning otherwise.  Anyway, have fun!




Gotta work on my photo stuff before the next one... One of my friends took this one:




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I'm still plugging away at this.  I finally managed a breakthrough on the mirror which made me feel more positive and more like taking pictures and posting!

Work's been crazy so I haven't been doing as much as I should on the forum.

First, I decided that Jezebel wouldn't be complete without some pretty little cosmetic-type jars...



The base is a hirst mold from the Egyptian series.  I went through a jewelery-making phase, so I have a bunch of beads hanging around to use for projects.  I added a few greenstuff bits to make them look more jar-like.



I basecoated the cloth bits as well.  That helps show the scale somewhat.  I'm playing with composition here.



ok, yeah... I admit, I've never put anything that tiny on a cork before...



So, I needed a pattern on the cloak.  I started laying down a repeating paisley.  I hated it.  I erased it using my trusty re-blending brush!  What's that, you say? You don't have a re-blending brush?  Tsk tsk. :)  Seriously, the point of these pics is that even if you put some or a lot of work into freehand, if it doesn't look right, paint over it.  Redo it.  don't be afraid.  Don't waste all the hard work for the rest of the piece with something you don't like.  It makes me cranky to repaint, but lesson learned.  This is one reason I always do starter freehand in thin paint and look at it after a bit so I don't waste too much time. I had a feeling after the first pic it wasn't going to work out, but I let my brain percolate before giving up, just in case.  trust your gut!  Also, I put this here because everyone seems to believe that those who have been painting longer don't make mistakes and their stuff ends up looking all shiney and perfect overnight like Christmas.  It isn't true!  :)  Nobody's perfect!



Ah!  Much better.  I like more free-form, fun designs anyway.  It's more my style to go all loopy and swirly.  So- again, I started just with the dark blue (that's the deep twilight) and sketched in the lines, then added a bit of the palomino gold as I went.  Happy now!



next step is to shade the freehand.  don't neglect this step because it add a whole lot of depth to the effect and makes it look much more realistic.  A flat pattern will only go so far.  So I used some linen white and mahogany brown for the gold and added a hint of snow shadow for the blue.  the second pic I went back over the whole thing and glazed my cloth highlight and shadow colors.  So often I see freehand done where it look like lines drawn on top of a surface rather than integrated into the cloth. So, looking before and after here, you can tell the shadows are softer and faded and the highlights in the pattern are less bright, but it becomes one with the cloth.  This is a good way of thinking about how glazes work in general to smooth blending.  It may knock out a bit of the contrast, but a thin layer will soften everything for you.  Works great on skin!  



looks ok.  I'll need to pick back up some of the pattern to clean it, but the cloth itself looks cohesive.



got the jars attached. cute!  I love my little jars! Proof you can use just about anything to make mini stuff!!



started in on the crazy town plan...



looking better... had to adjust the tilt of the hips and repaint the waist area entirely.  Sigh. Again... I learned early on in art not to trust my brain and listen to what my eyes were telling me.  Never think you know what something looks like.  Look at it. That's the only way to be sure!



Didn't like the tail.  redid it and added some scales to the wings.  Better!


Anyway, more soon- have to get back to my real job!



Edited by Corporea
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