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Pig Faced Orcs: A Simple Conversion

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*** Excuse me! This Bacon is Green, I'm not gonna eat this!!!***


Great conversion, simple , effective and looking good!

It shows what one can do with the use of toys.


Think of the possibilities for beastmen when using farm/wildlife animals.

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3 hours ago, malefactus said:

The Old Style Piggy Orcs look WONDERFUL. The conversions & brushwork are OUTSTANDINGVERY WELL DONE!


You flatter me. These are barely tabletop quality; I mostly was just dinkin' to see if the idea was feasible. It is, depending on which orcs you use, and how you trim the pig heads; as it is, I had to brush their necks with dark brushstrokes to hide the angular cuts I made so the heads'd fit.

But I do think there are excellent possibilities here, and my kids at work won't care; painted minis, to them, are a novelty, regardless of HOW well they're painted.

Now I just need to find the rest of my Tre Manor orcs...

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[Otherworld Orcs]


20 minutes ago, Dr.Bedlam said:

I have a set.


I think we want to see all your Oinky-Orks (painted or not) lined up for inspection / scale comparison. 




Years ago a fellow brought an Army to a Warhammer Grand Tournament where he was adding plastic pig heads to plastic Ogre bodies. He was using the figures as an "Ogre Kingdoms" army. (I believe that army, their lands, and the very planet they were on were officially blown to smithereens.... oops.)


All the parts and the rules came from that same company (that blew up its own planet.)


Point is: they looked like very, very big pig-orks.

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Ralph Bakshi mentions get auto-like'd by me, but the pigface orcs would have earned one anyhow.  Amazing!


They can take away our pigface orcs, but gamorrean guards are forever...



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Gamorean Guards are perfectly good oldschool orcs. They're green, they're porcine, they favor archaic melee weapons, they aren't too bright, and a first level adventurer will have his hands full, fighting a Gamorrean one on one, armed with only a sword and shield. Not THEIR fault someone decided to throw a Jedi at them.

As to TGP's request:

20170808_103844.thumb.jpg.f7e9e83da6ec7b55fd723cbf3bcb236a.jpg FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:

Darksword's "Erol Clan," two of Otherworld's first PFO set, and four converted Tre Manor orcs, all using the same pig head; I think it's a tad more obvious in profile. 

It's been a decade or more since I did those Otherworld orcs, and now I want to go back and fix them; they're barely better than the slop and go job I did on the four at right.. TGP has spread my shame across the internet. TGP is a doodoohead.

Weirdly, I find that I like the Tre Manor orcs a LOT more with pig heads than I did with the original, rather shapeless orc heads. Man has his "dynamic poses" down cold, although every Bones orc I've ever done that was in the sword overhead pose? (above at far right) I've had to rebase or rework the existing base. Every one of them falls over backwards, no matter WHAT I do with the ankles.

Note: Rubber pigs do NOT come with tusks. Tusks must be made from putty, allowed to harden, cut to size, and painstakingly glued in place. Biggest PITA in the entire conversion process.


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