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elemental three : fire, earth, water

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So I decided to do some elementals real quick. I gave them base coat of matte medium - primer for earth, because base coat.

Then I attempted the yellow-ning. First it looked good, so I tried to add a little more, mixed with orange tint, and ugh.


I think I'd recommend doing outsides red, and then use a yellow ink w/medium as "dry" brush to pick out details. It won't look right, but a lot of the translucents really seem to be table ready.

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Things are looking better for the yellow-ning, now that things have dried a little.


And what happened to this arm?IMAG2761_2.thumb.jpg.51d8e89b07129278efcdce9cebf44980.jpg


And then came the stoning. I grabbed a bunch of random greys, browns, and other colors that might be stony in color. I missed a bunch, but the point wasn't to do every stone in a different color, but give it variety. When that's dried a bit, I'll do random blue, red, and green tints randomly before I do the stone wash. I'm expecting to dry brush after, but we'll see how it looks.




I have plans for big boy blue, but I don't think they'll be noticeable for a while.

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Part one of water:

Phthalo green (blue) some matte medium and the new copper verdigris is my first step. It dried quickly, so I'll do some touchups soon. Next I'll try some ghost white at the highest points.

Unseen are the turquoise ink and phthalo green (blue) ink & medium coats trying to give a bit of variety. Last will be phthalo blue (green) in the shadows if something extra is needed.

Inspired by Siri's version here





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2 hours ago, lexomatic said:

The pictures went into showoff yesterday. Should be able to find by clicking on tags.

And because my phone was dead, now I'm pasting the link to the showoff thread.


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