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Adventures in Airbrushing part 2


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What is it with everyone painting creepy spiders recently? I creeped myself out looking at reference photos so the spider I need to paint is still benignly primed.


These look great and scary. I really like the griffon and I like how you reversed the colors on the wings making the longer feathers be the darkest bits. Judging by these examples, I'd say you've got the hang of your airbrush!

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Pochi, I don't know about the rest of the spiders, but all these Cadiriths posted lately are clearly the universe's way of mocking me for failing to ever complete mine.  


Ebon, keep working that airbrush!  Whatever you're doing, it is really working.



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Looking at your work, makes me want to buy an airbrush.

They look really great and the griffon is awsome! 


Is it possible to use an airbrush in a small indoor room, I guess you need some ventilation? And some space around, I imagine it easily beeing a bit of a mess with paint everywhere..??

I use a spraycan for priming, but I do that outside.

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