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Adventures in Airbrushing part 2

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What is it with everyone painting creepy spiders recently? I creeped myself out looking at reference photos so the spider I need to paint is still benignly primed.


These look great and scary. I really like the griffon and I like how you reversed the colors on the wings making the longer feathers be the darkest bits. Judging by these examples, I'd say you've got the hang of your airbrush!

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Pochi, I don't know about the rest of the spiders, but all these Cadiriths posted lately are clearly the universe's way of mocking me for failing to ever complete mine.  


Ebon, keep working that airbrush!  Whatever you're doing, it is really working.



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Looking at your work, makes me want to buy an airbrush.

They look really great and the griffon is awsome! 


Is it possible to use an airbrush in a small indoor room, I guess you need some ventilation? And some space around, I imagine it easily beeing a bit of a mess with paint everywhere..??

I use a spraycan for priming, but I do that outside.

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    • By GodOfCheese
      I was painting with a bunch of kids, and one of them said "I'll bet you can't finish that bird guy before lunchtime!"
      I present to you: the bird guy before lunch time.

    • By Dae
      I planned to go for the coloring suggestion on the box, except with brighter feathers. After base coat and a wash it seemed to turn rather plain. I keep the underside this way, while for the top side of the wings I started adding some variation to the feathers, gradually daring to add more detail and contrast. Took a while to get there, but in the end I was happy and called it finished. I even took a fun picture with it:

      But now that I'm a few minis wiser, I demoted him from finished to lacking base. And this is where I am stuck now. 
      I had this plan of making a sandstone cliff looking base. I positioned him and started building up terrain, working carefully not to damage the finished mini. I colored some stones of various sizes in a few colors so I don't need to paint as much around the mini and I started to glue my rocks carefully around the base. 

      I kept working on it for hours thinking I am getting somewhere, but once I took a break and looked at it again from all sides... I stand by my rocks, I think in a few steps they'll look great, but the scene makes no sense. These are not cliffs, more like a stone quarry, what would a griffon be doing there? - that's too specific and unlikely.
      Time to "delete" this somehow and start over... Wish me luck!
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      Hi everyone, i'd like to share the photos of my Cadirith, from Bones II.


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      Another one for my LOST WORLD PROJECT.
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      CADIRITH, Demonic Spider.
      I used a Web Stamp for the base  a gift from @knarthex, as was most of the flock on the base.
      Added some venom with Vallejo Water Effects,
      Base is made of foam.
      Likes and Comments welcome.
      Negative critique, talk to the Spider first.

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      Hello all,
      Probably one of the first bones mini i bought (it came in a kickstarter lot) and one I was longing to paint. Job done, in a kinda dark theme but overall happy about the result. Let me know what you guys think!

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