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Bones Large Elementals - Earth, Water, and Fire

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My elementals.  I'm going to need to redo a few pics for inspiration gallery submission, but good for now. These have only been cropped, unlike most of my pics.



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I'm sad, because I discovered this is partly an auto-focus issue, partly lighting. Still, I love these pics. The fire will be difficult as I get this, or something that looks even less like the mini (these are close, but it isn't that shiny IRL).

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1 hour ago, uncas said:

These are fantastic! I'm never know what to do with my translucents, but all of these are really good. 

Translucent paints and inks with medium and a little dry-brushing for definition. It's impossible to keep stuff fully clear (unless it's the clear plastic, I'm assuming).

For the Fire Elemental, I tried to get a central column of yellow, so applied a ton of yellow ink (supposedly transparent, but...) to lighten it up. Then I went about adding oranges and reds in the shadows and at the edges.

I copied Siri (never a bad idea) for the water elemental, but used more ink, so I think it's a bit more transparent. I also think hers would look better if they were side by side.

The Earth Elemental is a great sculpt (if top/front heavy). I wish I'd found the earlier paint jobs that showed the gems earlier.

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