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Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay! That's is a wonderful paint job and I love the colour choices! I haven't seen many green nethrymauls, that's very unique! This model is actually the bane of my existence and the only model so far i have put away unfinished in the drawer of shame. But that's a tale for another day...I tip my fedora to you sir for finishing it so beautifully!

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    • By Komplex
      I've decided to take a leaf out of Drifter's book, and do a WIP thread for my Reaper order that finally made it home to me (after sitting in my local post office for over a week, due to an oversight related to import duty) =]
      My hoard isn't quite as impressive as his, as my order contained four minis for somebody else (postage to the UK is frightening, so we always do big orders, and club together to make it work out if we can't afford enough individually) and therefore those aren't here =P

      I've got the following....
      77190: Nethyrmaul the Undying 
      77240: Ingrid, Female Viking
      89031: Whispering Tyrant 
      77251: Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian
      77205: Alistrilee
      77048: Mocking Beast
      77240: Skeleton Guardian Sword
      77241: Skeleton Guardian Axeman
      Now, Imma be swapping a couple of my skeletons with Drifter, so that we've both got more variety going on and while he's got Dragoth, I've got the Whispering Tyrant for the leader of mine. 
      Nethyrmaul though, is the pride of this order. I'm delighted to finally have him sitting in front of me, and I've assembled him dry for the time being, just so I can admire his ridiculously tall splendour. He needs a bit of filing here and there to make his pegs sit better, as he's a bit of a pain to pop together for me, but I'm super happy with him and can't wait to get on with painting him.

      Not sure where Imma keep him, but y'know, what do. 
      However, much as I wanna paint him, Imma start by cleaning him up, and then I'll try and paint I think the Mocking Beast tonight, coz it's just a delightful little thing, haha. Nethyrmaul may, however, get his base coat on tonight.
    • By terminalmancer
      I am so jealous of those of you who have $199 to spare! A full-size Nethyrmaul is available in the booth, in resin of course. They've got an assembled version hanging out at the checkout counter if you simply want to gawk.
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