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Minis you would like to see


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my first and foremost desire is:


A darn fighter with a crossbow. there is not one decent Human fighter/man at arms type with a crossbow sculpted in "modern" 28 mm scale in all of existence.


ironwind metals has one, but from his floppy hat to hes one oversized boot, he looks like "Huclkeberry, riverboat crossbowman" seriously-it looks like hes gonna use it to do some fishin at the pond.


Im talking an armored, player character detailed, reaper quality sculpt, not "empire crossbowman" rank and file joe schmoe (no offense if anyone named joe schmoe is reading). Anyway, i cant stand gw empire sculpts. most of them look like Don Quixote in colorful tights to me.


both the warlord weapons pack and one of the dh weapons packs have crossbows

(the warlord one is really fantasy/spiky/neato looking), but very few minis are even i a position where they could be convincingly converted to hold one, unless you want them holding their precious bow aloft like he-man's sword, or in some other ridiculous pose.


phew, now that i got that off my chest.


wemics would rock. Mr. Seins, Mr. Weibe, are you listening?


mantis warriors too. put some cool wooden armor on them, or maybe giant beetle carapaces (or other big bugs)-remember what a mantis eats.


no more dual scimitar wielding "half" elf (yeah sure) or "wood" elf (come on!) rangers. i like to think most players are inventive enough to avoid cliches (even really really cool ones, Mr. Salvatore) and make up their own fantasy icons to play and enjoy-lets keep the minis the same way, okay? (okay, one unnamed drow ranger-with-two-scimitars miniature is okay)


more humanoids 28 mm scale are needed, especially hobgoblins (orcs are pretty well covered)


mounted versions of characters would be highly appreciated, and maybe seperate packaged horses soz you could pick yer own (horse, that is). maybe even other types of saddled mounts. personally the only time ive even seen griffins in any campaign ive played in is when either A) Ive been ridin one or B) someone else has.


oh yeah, for the frogmaster: Bullywugs


there i said it. wheres my five bucks


another (crazy) idea-things you might encounter lots of (gobbos right up through the barbed devil Julie Guthrie sculpted-and other demon types too)

maybe consider multi part, biuld your own blisters. i dont know the logistics of it, but it seems single parts like arms and limbs would be easier to cast than full body sculpts, and of course the create-your-own-army appeal (gw is good for something) :poke: would guarantee the success of such a venture. (yes i am trying to sell you, Reaper Miniatures Incorporated, on the idea)


P.S. besides the missing crossbowman, there seems to be a dearth of human archers as well. not every elf has a bow, and vice versa.

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Watch the pretty crystal sway back and forth.....backand forth as you go deeper and deeper into a trance.....good, now you MUST make some psionic figures.

When I snap my fingers,you will awake and put aside ALL other projects.....good

(snaps fingers) Did you have a good nap? What's that you say? You're going to s :wacko: culpt soe psionic charctors? Well, have at it then...

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A human bard, male, bearded, carrying a lute and wearing a hood. He should be sitting on a log, strumming his lute and singing along.


And a Buddha to go with the Oriental Dragon. I practice Nichiren Buddhism, and I'd like a really nice, though inexpensive Buddha that I can focus on whilst chanting.

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Dryads, and lots of them. ::P:


Half-transformed into trees, of course! Not the thing that comes with the Mossbeard box. :angry:

Dryads would be cool. I don't think every Mossbeard came with one either. Those were limited edition dryads I believe. And they don't have to be half transformed into trees. Heck just dryads in different poses would be great.

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