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Minis you would like to see


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I would absilutely love to see some awsome edgy constructs with or with out souls. I think it would be a spiffy idea so have Bobby Jackson whip a few up ASAP.

And how about them half-orcs I requested?! Get the lead out! :lol:

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if you look at the mini:


Ms. Darkwillow


she looks like she is holding a throwing knife by the blade in her left hand - raised high and ready to chuck it. [looking closely, it appears to definitely NOT be a blackjack - I've painted her before]


So it's not _balanced_ like on a fingertip or something, but a throwing knife, blade down, while she's looking all dextrous and stuff, might be the best you get.




because if only the point of the knife is in contact with the rest of the mini, the knife would QUICKLY break off - almost at the slightest touch - and then you'd have a character balancing nothing...just sticking her finger out like she's lecturing at someone.


for my money, the throwing knife is much more impressive still attached to the mini.



If this WAS supposed to be a blackjack and not a guardless throwing knife (like so many real-life throwing knives I've seen), the sculpter did a surprisingly poor job of making the weapon look like a round bunch of lead shot in a bag and a surprisingly good job of making it appear flat, narrow, and handle-y.


But of course, as always, YMMV.


If I do say so myself tho', no matter the weapon that Bobby Jackson sculpted, a good paintjob can tip the viewer's perceptions one way or the other.

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Airborn monks in a kicking pose. I was admiring the leaping assassin figure, Warl, and would like to see a monk sailing through the air ready to deliver a deadly kick to the head. Also, some monks in a high kicking stance. Then again, I just picked up "Stealth and Style" from Kenzerco.....gotta love those Basiran dancers.

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Mummy Pygmis


(like the ones in the mummy returns and the ones in Diablo II in act 3 with oversized knifes)


a Lamia


a wemic


a female drider


a Sea Serpent


more warrior nuns


cavalry human elf and undead

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So THAT is the kitten's name? Yes, make a Marc anthony and pussyfoot mini!


Beginning google operation











Marc Antony and Pussyfoot

Marc Antony and Pussyfoot (sometimes called "Kitty") are animated cartoon characters in the Warner Bros Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. Marc Antony is a burly bulldog, usually brown with a tan belly and black ears, though his coloration varies in some shorts. Pussyfoot, in contrast, is an extremely cute kitten. All head and eyes, she is black with a white face and belly and a white tip on her fluffy tail.


Animator Chuck Jones first introduced the odd duo in his 1952 film Feed the Kitty. In the short, Marc Antony adopts the interminably cute kitten only to receive a stern warning from his owner not to "bring one more thing into this house . . . not one single solitary thing!" Marc Antony is thus forced to go to all lengths to keep his new pet under wraps. Meanwhile, Pussyfoot's cat-killing curiosity gets her into mess after mess, which Marc Antony must, of course, rescue her from. Jones would largely repeat the scenario in 1953 with Kiss Me Cat, only this time Marc Antony tries to convince his owners that the kitten is a champion mouser so they will let him keep her.


In Feline Frame-Up (1954), Jones pitted Marc Antony against another of his lesser-known players, Claude Cat. The conniving Claude convinces the animals' stodgy master that Marc Antony is trying to eat Pussyfoot, eventually leading to the poor pooch being tossed into the streets. As Claude enjoys his new dog-free life, Marc Antony trades his brawn for brains as he makes various attempts to get back at the cat from outside the house (he eventually forces Claude to sign a confession admitting to his crimes, and in the end, it's Claude who must sleep in the street).


Jones gave Pussyfoot a solo short in 1957 with Go Fly a Kit, the story of an eagle who teaches the kitten how to fly. In 1958, Jones once again paired the cat and canine for one final film, Cat Feud. This time, Marc Antony must defend Pussyfoot (and her catfood) from a thieving interloper.


After this cartoon, Jones retired the pair. Since then, they have been largely forgotten, replaced by other characters such as Jones' later creations, Wile E. Coyote and Pepe le Pew. Pussyfoot has appeared in some recent Warner Bros. merchandising, however, and the pair have been featured in various Warner Bros. productions, such as a 1999 Looney Tunes comic book story called "Bringing Up Baby".



Now if i can only get that Lords of Acid song out of my head....

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