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Minis you would like to see


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I am comparing Reaper with Confrontation and I have to say Reaper lose miserable pose-wise (in my opinion)

Also remember that a lot (if not all) of Confrontation's line is multi=part minis.


When casting, each piece has to have its own Master Mold, from which all molds are created equal (I know, I've seen them, they're about a foot in diameter, made of stiff rubber, kind'a cool, actually).


Each mini that is in multiple parts means more labor means more metal means a higher cost to create.


In general, Reaper minis aren't bad at all, and the great part about them is I trim them up a little, and can start painting (after Krylon white primer, natch).


So yes, the Confrontation minis are different from Reaper, but it's like making comparisons between apples and watermelons.



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One thing - and I'll say this once - is that if you haven't ever sculpted a mini, you really shouldn't complain too much til you have "sculpted" a mile in the sculptors shoes.



Jester I agree whole heartedly I tried messing around with the green stuff and it is a very difficult medium in which to work with.


The only thing I dislike (and this is minor) are those broccoli bases but this is easily remedied.

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I just have a low tolerance for some things... and polite society and the Reaper MB rules prevent me from totally airing my feelings truthfully.

Hrm... isn't that a bit like the people who say that you are not allowed to give feedback on other peoples paintjobs unless you are a master painter?


I can't sculpt. I won't even bother trying. That doesn't mean that I can't tell a good sculpt from a bad one. It also doesn't mean that I can let my money talk and buy the sculpts I like. I don't think anyone is thread has given unfair or mean critiques of Reapers figs. They've just said what they like and dislike and that's fine with me. I like a lot of Reaper's sculpt: The old styles on Sandra Garrity does, the super detailed ones from Werner, and the almost-true-25mm's from Geal.


I'd like to see some more chicks in chainmail bikinis though ::P:

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I suppose that's Jester's way of saying, "buy more Rackham minis."


I don't expect everybody that posts to the boards here to know the details of sculpting or casting. That's Reaper's job IMO, and they do it well enough to keep bringing us more goodies, which is good. ::D:


You like Rackham's figs? Cool. So do I, and so do a lot of people. I think their dwarves could use some elbows and knees myself, but their other stuff is great. Most people who paint fantasy minis know that Rackham figs are famous for detail, and often a pain to assemble.


Reaper has its advantages too, and its clear they are taking some cues from Rackham here and there. It's most evident in some of the poses. Sometimes, even using the same poses, the Rackham figs are more expressive. Do I object? Not really. Just as there is orange juice that comes from concentrate, and not from concentrate, it offers something for everyone according to what they feel is most important to them.


Personally, Sandra Garrity used to be the minis I looked for specifically in stores about 3-4 years ago. Now, when a gaming buddy brings me a Garrity mini to paint, I just kind of groan and ask him if he couldn't find something more interesting, and with bigger eyes. That is my situation with Garrity minis, and not meant to represent anybody else's experiences with them (although I know I'm not alone).


So, I can tell where Neyuttad is coming from when I read his complaint about Garrity figs. I would like to see more variety from Garrity, and perhaps some bigger faces and eyes also. A bit more expression (of any kind) would be a nice touch too. None of those criticisms have anything to do with casting, and are intended to encourage sales (at least to me, and people who think, act, and buy figs like me ^_^).


Ultimately, it means I buy more Rackham figs and less Reaper figs. It is a simple observation of my own buying habits. I get the feeling that Neyuttad may be feeling the same way, and simply didn't explain well enough to send the right vibes from his post (or maybe Jester just felt there was some disrespect toward Garrity).


For those who appreciate Garrity's style of sculpting, I say keep buying her figs and tell Reaper you want more. She has no end of fans IMO, including myself, but I have not bought one of her figs in some time now (although one of my gaming buddies still seem to pick up only her figs :rolleyes: ).


Basically, buy what you like and try not to groan too much when your buddies hand you another (and another, and another) Garrity fig to paint for them. ::D:



And Garrity's Maria Roseblade is one of my favorites! :wub:

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On the other hand, this is a thread that's dealing on what people would like to see. Not the realities of multi-part models and the effects they have on the cost to produce them. Nor is it the amount of work that goes into sculpting a mini. I'm sure we're all pretty aware of how much talent it takes to sculpt.


Don't get me wrong. I whole-heartedly agree with the statements and opinions already provided.


On the other hand, as stated, this is a thread where people should feel free to state what they would like to see, production costs, sculpting expectations, and comparisons to Rackham be damned. Not to come in just to have thier sh!t jumped for percieved ignorance. But rather, state thier hopes and dreams for minis unbashed. Yall want to complain about how folks have no concept of what goes into the production of a mini? Cool. I'm sure no one will stop you from starting a different thread on the subject. Hell, I'll likely post on there too if you do.


But seriously, why jump on a dreamer's case just for dreaming? I mean seriously, it's not like Ron or Ed are going to read this post and spontaneously go "YIKES! They're right, we should be mimicing Rackham's models! Nevermind that we already do what we do better than anyone else". Seriously folks, they know what they're doing. Honest. So please, let the dreamers dream. K?


So, on to what I'd like to see.


More dynamic poses would be nice.


I'd like to see more than just skeletons for the basic grunts in the Necropolis faction. Gimmie some Zombies and Ghouls!


I read in the fluff for the Unforgiven models that they're given greatswords or great axes. I wanna see some Unforgiven with Greataxes, that'd be really, really cool.


More ninjas! :ph34r: (what, I like ninjas...)


Alternate sculpts and stats for some existing Warlord minis (c'mon, you know you'd like to see Gerard the Wolf, before he got all goody-goody again...).


That's about it. Everything else that comes to mind, I know will happen (and the ninja thing, I know there'll be more Rokugan ninjas made) sooner or later, like Darkspawn and Overlord grunts and what-not. Basically, the coolest thing about Reaper is that if they don't make what you want right at the moment, they will eventually.

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Ivy Crown archers and Crusader Heavy Cavalry Ivy Crown archers and Crusader Heavy Cavalry Ivy Crown archers and Crusader Heavy Cavalry Ivy Crown archers and Crusader Heavy Cavalry


I need tanks and artillery to back up my poor defenseless grunts :down:


A Trebuchet or Mangonel would be nice too. ::):



I don't really know enough about the miniatures industry to really have much of an informed opinion but I think I understand the points everyone made and they all seem valid.


I've always sort of seen these boards as having several uses.


1. We get to chat and poke fun at each other.

2. We get to see what other people are doing painting wise.

3. We get to get feedback from experienced people on how to improve our painting.

4. Reaper gets instant feedback in regards to new releases and greens.

5. We're sort of loyal opposition. Reaper folks get to see the opinions from the masses about Reaper, and other, products. The Management at Reaper and the board mods pretty much give us free-reign to talk about whatever we like as long as it stays relatively clean and civil.

Unlike other places Reaper doesn't get all bent if we hack on something they've produced. They have the patience of saints with us bugging them about crap all the time. What company can you actually ask the president a question and get an answer from him? Has anyone ever had to wait much more than 24 hours for a reply to a question to Brian or Kit? Hell, I've talked to Kit via PM at like 8PM! Where else can you do that?


Sorry, had to get that of my little pale chest.






Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Wether you agree with it or not is irrelevant. We're lucky to have a place where we can exchange ideas and information so freely.


Lets all agree to disagree, agreeably? ::):

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I've talked to Kit via PM at like 8PM! Where else can you do that?

I've stayed out of it up until now - And I will continue to read this thread, make notes on what we can do to improve our products and our relationship with our supporters, but I wanted to comment about this line of Spartan's.



I have MSN Messenger at home. And I have YIM there too. Feel free to IM me. Of course, this could be because None of my regular gamers have either of these services, so when I go online, I get kinda lonely unless I'm surfing here. :down:



Oh - and Spartan - You can good-naturedly poke fun at my nefsokar. It won't change the fact that you will lose! :devil:

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Noone IMs me either.. 'cept Frosch... and I just poke fun at him when he does.


Maybe I'm anti-social. ;)


I'm pretty pleased with the models that have come out. If I could "Improve" on anything, I'd like to see some more historically influenced models. I'd like to seem some knights with the german style gothic armor, or some landsknechts. Or troops based on ancient greeks and romans.


I second more ninjas... and pirates to fight the ninjas.

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