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Mantic Dungeon Saga zombie troll

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Started this guy quite awhile ago. Didn't have the paints I needed to get the colour I wanted. Now I've got a lot more paints and I came up a scheme I really liked. I have two more of them and I'm thinking I might paint them up while I remember what I did. Still need to do the base and seal him but that'll be fast.



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8 hours ago, LarsM said:

Great. And very Nice skintones.


I'm real happy with his skin. In my world trolls are green and I wanted a pale, bled out shade with the muscle looking like old meat. In my random batches of Reaper MSP paints I bought this summer I ended up with the ghoul, moldy, bloodless skin triad. It worked perfect with a quick glaze of arm painter green tone wash. The hardest parts were trying to make the guts and loin cloth stand out more. The colour in the photo is kind of washed out compared to reality.


11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Very nice!

I like Undead from several races other than Human.




Me too. With dungeon Saga I got these trolls and undead dwarves. Bones 2 gave me a few other races in skeletons. Thinking I may start adding to the undead hordes again.

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This went good enough that I decided to paint up the other two now. Did a little bit last night and hopefully can finish them over the weekend. I'll put up a group shot when I'm done.

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Rained this afternoon so I actually did some painting sooner than expected. Did a quick job on his base and managed to take a picture that shows him better. His two partners got a little more paint on them too.

zombie troll.jpg

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