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Let's continue.


Painted the rest of the figure - hope I didn't forget anything important.












Next up is sealing the figure and then making the base.


A friend suggested going for a "Snow in Autumn" scenario, using autumn colours for flowers and some stuff and then put on first elements of snow - like the "House of Flying Dagger" movie ending scene.


Well then - off we go!

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Do you know this moment you messed up beyong repair?


Well I put her to dry, left her for a few hours and when I returned to miniature the super-fine-airbrush-applied mat laquer had turned out to be not so super-fine.






Okay. I cannot repair that. Well - looks like the reason for a repaint. At least I can correct the stuff that went wrong with her face beforehand.




Still ...




someone ... please hold me.


Well then ... back to the painting table, strip her and start again. Let's make her great again ... and beautiful!


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Oh no! I actually don't think it looks that bad but I know what this feels like....I have stopped using a sealing coat on my minis. Since they aren't used to play I don't need the extra protection and potential mess up. I have yet to find a matte sealant that I'm happy with :/

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unfortunately I need it as they indeed are used or lend to people, so I've got no other option.


But it is weird. I used it on another project the same day and it worked. So what was different here? I don't know. Anyway - back to square one already, primed her and here we go again. As I know where I want to go it should be a bit faster now.

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