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2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

It seems we are our own worst critics.


I see a very well painted mini!

Don't be too hard on yourself!

It looks great!

I second that. The NMM is flawless and I am personally glad that you did NOT go metallic on it.

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Nice job! NMM is a difficult technique to get right, but yours isn't a bad effort at all, it's just not reading as metal. You've got really lovely varied colours in there that gives it a very pleasing and visually interesting look. It's worn looking and balances well with the green that you used. That's an important thing and something that you shouldn't sell yourself short on. Aesthetically, you painted a beautiful figure. It's the technique that just isn't there - but that's ok, that tells you what you need to work on.

First and foremost, what the NMM is missing is that really sort of dramatic, sharp contrast that really sells the metallic shine. You've got good placement of your highlights that do a good job of suggesting that shine, but it lacks the oomph to really sell it. Secondly, your blends are rough and that will take away from the metallic shine with NMM as well.

What I would suggest for anyone working toward learning/improving NMM is to pick a figure that has a painted example of really well executed NMM (something painted by Derek Schubert, Jessica Rich, Rhonda Bender, etc.) and get that exact same figure and try to recreate what they did. It's not going to turn out just like theirs, but it'll be great practice and help with understanding the contrast and placement involved in NMM.

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