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The Tarrasque Miniature Project

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Hello, At the moment I am in the workings to turn an ERTL star wars Rancor model kit into a big T. This page shows a review of the model & its parts. not my review BTW


Originally I was going to use the classic toy of the Rancor but I got the model kit for 10 bucks on Ebay. Not to mention the old toy has a 1/3rd of the model kit's detail. The model is a bit big, but if scale creap keeps going, then this mini will be ready when 25mm "heroic scale" is being used for 50mm figs.


Current plans


-The earring is already gone


-remove the manacle when I shorten the arms.



-Add horns. I may make them attached above the eyes or behind the eyes in the visible depressions and curve the horns forward [ Suggestions would be VERY appreciated ] It will either be epoxie putty or i will take the ridged horns off of a mutant malbogia spawn toy.



-Reduce arm length slightly on both arms [ the manacle on its right arm is about how much I will take off .]


-Trim down the fingers to a less ridiculous length


-Lengthen toes or replace feet completely


-Add shell from this gamera toy, this 8 inch shell only covers up to the third or forth rancor shell plates [see rear veiw below], but i think it can still work out



-Use white glue strengthened Spackle & epoxy putty to build up spikes & carapace


-Replace tail with tail of the Soft vynil harryhousin dragon toy http://www.clawmarktoys.com/misc/dragon.jpg


-Maybe lenghthen the neck.


BTW for inspiration I will be using the 3E concept art http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/mm_gallery/Tarrasque.jpg & the Tony detrlizzi [sp] 2E Monstrous manual art http://www.jobr.org/adnd/monster/mm00281.htm NOT the gooney color 3E MM illustration. Notice how the big T looks like the rancor model?


I will attempt keep you updated on this colossal project. I will try to borrow a friend's digital camera to show my progress on this project and a few others.


Here are links of SW Rancor models that are assembled [ not mine :( ]


http://users.pandora.be/hobbytime/Images/rancor.jpg Those fingers are LONG!


http://www.starshipmodeler.com/events/wfes.../fig_rancor.JPG Those spikes are too small to be 3E compliant!


http://www.antsnest.net/Gallery/Rancor1.jpg & http://www.antsnest.net/Gallery/Rancor2.jpg Front and back views of a nice paintjob [ remember to copy and paste this link into the address bar; some hosting sites like this one do not allow direct linking ]


First question.


Any suggestions for color of body?


The Monster manual Creamy coffee & orange caramel colors do not feel threatening enough. One of my friends suggested a very dark glossy steel[ drow adamantine] to represent both the toughness of its hide & reflective powers. Too bad that color scheme will be impossible to take a decent picture of.


one poster at en world suggested this colour pattern http://www.ecologyasia.com/images/common_b...lizard_5399.jpg

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For color I would suggest a very dark green for the skin (I'm thinking Delta Ceramcoat Black-Green here, but GW Dark Angels Green would be very close, esp. over a black basecoat) with the horns and armor plates in a dark metallic color (Tamiya Gunmetal - very dark slightly bluish color - comes to mind).

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