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Cave Troll - 03382

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The Troll has the most DELIGHTFULLY EVIL expression. Once more your colors are WONDERFUL; the greens & the bone spurs are BEAUTIFUL. Your brushwork & basing are OUTSTANDING...the little flowers contrast with the Troll perfectly. VERY WELL DONE once more!

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    • By CaptMini
      I've only been at this a little over a month and am totally addicted! Went for the glowing eyes here and botched it -- Don't know how you expert painters paint son damn small!

    • By eldamir
      Had some trouble getting his face to focus with that rather large proboscis he's sporting. Of course, quite a bit of that is probably my camera (Galaxy S7) and lighting (still only using one light source in addition to the flash on the phone).
      Went with a base coat of Green Ochre, then since that didn't come out green at all, layered a 3:1 mix of Shadow Green/Green Ochre over it - thinned down so that it didn't do a complete covering.
      For my first multi-hued skin attempt, I think it came out okay.
      I did another pseudo mix of colors for his furs, trying for the dirty look - mixed an equal part of black, chestnut brown, grey and leather brown, but didn't mix them completely, which had the intended effect, I think.

    • By hiddenone32
      This is the latest piece I've finished.  I did this over a couple of hours last weekend at a friend's paint night.  The only thing I don't like about it is I think I may have lost some patience at the end and kind of went a little nuts with drybrushing the front body highlights.

    • By Zdoze
      So, I'm pretty happy with the paint job so far. The darker skin needs some highlighting and the hair needs attention.
      However, it is the base that I'm dragging on. I've just been throwing excess greenstuff at it after I base other minis and I have no direction. Maybe a lava stream in front of him? Water? Suggestions appreciated. :)


    • By Bremic
      So I have now been Mini Painting for about 8 months, mostly following Sorastro's guides for Imperial Assault.
      This weekend I decided to do my first detail paint of a Bones figure (after spending way too much on Bones 3) and try some of the techniques I have learned without following a guide.
      I think it went well. I hope you all agree.



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