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Today, I unveil my first successful sculpt.

That I am somewhat PROUD of, that is. I once sculpted a very passable goblin head. In 62mm. Trouble is, it had started out as 25mm. But today, I break the streak of failure; the BLACK GLOBULOID is complete and ready to face off against adventurers!

Now, the Monster Manual calls 'em Black Puddings, and I suppose that's what this is, but I find the name indistinct; google "black pudding," and the first thing you get is a bunch of recipe and cooking sites from Yorkshire and suchlike. That's not what I wanted. In Soviet D&D, pudding eats YOU! So this is a Black Globuloid, and you can jolly well use the BP stat block if it suits you, or not.

Awhile back at a FLGS, I noted in the glass case full of singles that WotC had released a Black Pudding miniature. It was on a largish base, and was designed like an enveloping wave, big enough that you could put a medium mini INSIDE it, on the same base. I LIKED that idea. And then I priced the single. They wanted fifteen bucks for it.

"$15? For something that looks like I could do it in fifteen minutes with... a hot... glue... gun....?" I thought, as the wheels began to spin...

Front.thumb.jpg.09ef49e170194eab98bcbcf7999b0625.jpg And so I began. It started with one of the big Reaper bases left over from a previous Kickstarter; I figured if it didn't work, I could just peel off the hot glue and reuse the base for a more successful project. I then centered a little glass bell jar on the base, and ran a bead of hot glue along the bottom, sorta fastening it to the base... and then building upwards a little... messily and gloppily. From there, I basically built half a birdcage out of hot glue, let it cool, and then carefully pried the bell jar away from the glue. The bottom of the cage came loose from the base in a couple of places, but a dab more hot glue fixed that. And from there, I just glopped hot glue into the gaps in the bird cage... until I had a solid, semicircular wall. 

Then I stuck the bell jar back in there, and glopped more hot glue over it until it was a sort of breaking wave, then let it cool, popped the bell jar out, and laid a coat of black paint on it, inside and out. It was mostly dry when these pictures were taken, but you can still see a few damp spots. The Dwarf Butcher is included for scale.

Back.thumb.jpg.851246927e1450bcf7efdbaf42962dba.jpg Side.thumb.jpg.e738c3c7fa0180730af73e53a814efca.jpg Altogether, I find it a perfectly acceptable ooze, at the cost of a base, about three mini hot glue sticks and some paint. I do think it'll look even better after a coat of gloss varnish, though.

In the course of this post, though, it was mentioned to me that when you beat up on a Black Pudding, it splits into smaller puddings.

I guess I'll need to make some more.

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    • By odinsgrandson
      Ok, this is a mini that I made as a joke for a friend of mine. He GMs a lot of games, and has always been a bit fascinated by the fact that the Half Dragon template can be added to almost any kind of creature. Including ones that reproduce by dividing.
      Truly, the biology of dragons is a wonder.
      Anyway, he got to completely wreck the party with this Half Black Dragon Gelatinous Cube.
      I made it by combining some parts from an invisible dragon and gelatinous cube minis (both from Reaper’s Bones line). I used water effect for gap filling and a bit of sculpting, and added a little color with some thinned down paints. I wanted to give the impression that it picks up debris from the floor as it moves along.
      Except for the eyes, which are totally opaque so that they can show up. Seriously, I think they’re the only part that really shows up at all in the pictures, but you get the idea.

      In an unrelated project for the same friend, I found a really strange bit that I think is supposed to be the head of a dragon, but seriously looks like a half dragon spider. So that got painted too.
      Man, dragons really make some poor choices.

    • By HolkDiggity
      I wanted a traditional Black Pudding, but I didn't want to just paint it black. When I started to think about how to make this stand out, I started to think about the shimmer that oil gets, and I wondered if Black Puddings get that shimmer as well. I looked up some photos, and thought, "I bet I can do this." Like I said in the other thread, I'm planning on putting together a tutorial on getting this effect, so that'll be up soon. This one was fun to paint! I love all the little bits and bobs in the ooze.

    • By HolkDiggity
      Just two little blobbies that are the result of killing mama with a slashing weapon. I'm working on typing a step-by-step tutorial on how I did the holographic oil shimmer with just regular paints, so that'll be up in a couple days!

    • By Iridil
      These were so fun to paint - again with the goal of getting them done for the game table - first bones IV kickstarter minis I've painted! I'm kinda meh about the little one - I might go back and explore a base and redo it, but I like the big one.

    • By viking_hank
      Reaper dark young painted lighter than most people paint it. I figured it would darken as it aged. I used washes and rosy skin. The shades and washes are citadel. The ooze is a reaper miniatures undead ooze from ks4. Contrast paint seems to work well on it.  

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