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Generic Fighter

My GenCon 50 DDM Guild Prize support! (Many Pictures)

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So, I'm heading to GenCon 50 later this week and have put the final touches on my Prize Support for the D&D Minis Guild's events there. And here they are...






The Fire Giantess was only slightly challenging due to the Armor and trying to make it look used but not abused. I've got a lot of compliments on the skirt and I don't remember how I did it! Well, it worked and someone will enjoy it:)






The Planetar Angel was an easy mini to improve with a bit of shading, especially the wings. Also, a bit of Bones 3 was sacrificed to this one, too;)






A Clay Golem repainted into a Magma Elemental. Used a Happy Seppuku Base Stamp to make a custom Lava base for it! I think it was the Swampland/Marshland stamp.






The Tiefling Warlock gave me a massive challenge in her tiny face!






Whats-His-Face, 3.5 Iconic Psion, was my chance to fiddle with some freehand Tattoos.


So, Hoping to have an enjoyable GenCon. If you are going, have fun too. If not, try not to be envious of those who are and have fun yourselves, too! For everyone, Enjoy yourselves:)



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    • By BananeDC
      Hop, here we go !







      Succubi (nude) :
    • By Generic Fighter
      My Repaints for the DDM Guild's Community Draft Prize Table! Enjoy:)


      A Shadar-Kai Warrior.


      A Gold Dragon Wyrmling!


      The Astral Giant!


      The Orc Skeleton!
    • By 72moonglum
      So I started a little project in which I have five or six figures, old Grenadiers, that I painted when I was a teenager in the eighties.  I found new copies of them and have started doing comparative paint jobs, ones from the eighties and my new job from 2017.  I did my first one, Frito the thief:  
      and now I'm doing one for a Grenadier thief mage, which I think came in one of their old Grenadier paint kits.
      So here is the version from this century:

      to compare him against my original version, painted somewhere between 1980-1986:

      and then here they are together:

      In this particular figure I tried to use mostly the same color scheme, with a few exceptions.  I changed the color of the flame and tried to create a "vial" hanging on his belt, which I don't know how well it worked, but it's kind of my first attempt at liquids and bottles.  With his dart bandolier on his bicep, I gave that a bit of color too.  
      Anyhow, enjoy, I'll have another one done tomorrow, and a few more in the wings, a monk, cleric, and a wererat at the very least...
    • By Generic Fighter
      So, I'm preparing my prizes for the DDM Guild GenCon 50 events. Thought I'd share them here, too. So without further ado, Pictures!


      A Fire Giantess from the Storm Kings Thunder mini set. Nearly ready now. Biggest improvement I made was Eyebrows!



      Planetar Angel. Took these to my FLGS, Gatehouse Games, and showed them off. Just about everyone there said they liked the wings.


      A Female Tiefling Warlock. Gave her a better base using a Base Stamp. Also, realized I haven't taken a more recent picture of her.

      The 3.? Edition Iconic Psion. Cannot Pronounce OR Spell his name! Also, have done a lot since this picture was taken.
      Hope you enjoyed this.
    • By animesensei
      So I'm currently using one of these for storage of my Bones, D&D Minis, and Pathfinder Battles miniatures:

      I find it very difficult to keep things separate and safe; currently I just separate everything by way of Ziploc baggies or homemade cardboard dividers in the drawers.  Some of the top drawers are so full that I don't know what to do when my Bones 2 arrive (and they sometimes get stuck when I pull/push the drawer), and several of my Ziploc baggies are close to bursting with the amount of minis inside of them so I'm out of space with my current storage idea.  I'd really like a more elegant solution.
      I don't have a closet in my gaming room so I can't keep my miniatures there, and I want a permanent solution (not tackle boxes, etc) where I can store my minis.  99% of my minis are plastic, so I'm not too worried about breakage.  I want to keep the minis categorized (undead, elementals, kobolds, demons, etc.) and price is an issue, but I'm willing to spend a little more if the storage solution feels right.  (For example, I just bought some Alex (see below) units from Ikea for my Dwarven Forge terrain; not cheap, but not terribly expensive.)  My wife would like something that doesn't look "ugly" either.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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