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89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon

T'hain Esh Kelch

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Thank you for all the kind comments! (No critique so far...)


17 hours ago, Clearman said:

Nice.  I like the addition of the eggs in the back.


If you look carefully, there's a snake in there, coveting the eggs. You can just make out the eyes in the picture! :D


16 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Great job!  You can tell you used this as a labor of love with the many layers of color painted on each scale individually.


16 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great job, awesome work on those scales!


The scales were a major undertaking, with 4 layers on top of the base, and by far the most dearing task of it all. I focused by taking each part in turn, to keep focused (I never glue a model together before painting). But all that work also means it will be some time before I paint something scaled again... :P And I will likely try out two brush blending next time, as to see if I can improve on myself.


11 hours ago, seej said:

Really nicely done. I love the scale highlights and the wings.


The wings were the last thing I did. I was really in doubt as to what color I should pick for the interfemoral membrane, so it took some time and some googling for inspiration. Same goes for the belly armor - I thought about doing it in the same colors as the wing membranes, but in the end settles for what you see here, simply because I thought it looked good enough on the finished model. ;)


8 hours ago, Inarah said:

Very nicely done.  One of these days mine will get painted too. I agree that he is one of the nicest dragon sculpts around. 


Check out our forum contest for large models. 




Thank you, I will be sure to add it to the contest!


33 minutes ago, VolksFest said:

Aah, the satisfaction of removing a piece from your 'semi-painted shelf of shame' (this is the worst shelf there is.. Oh the accusing, damning looks those "semi-finished"s give you.. Shudders) ..


... And the result is thus... You have reason to celebrate Sir!


Heh, yeah, looking at it thinking "Oh, I will just pick this up and paint 200 scales more!" was quite a wall to overcome! :D And now I will go back to my semi-painted shelf, because things have hobbled up in the mean time, and I have promised myself to paint some of those before I start on some new Bones..

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The scales and wings turned out amazing.  Looks like time well wasted. lol.  My copy must of come from latter in the mold cause he was a little butter face.  lol.  Still good enough for table top though.  My only wish about the model is that I wish it was bigger.  

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      I managed to make my November quota and than some more, now time to relax for holidays and birthday. She was a throwback from october when I did a few from pathfinder line, but never had prep her.

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      This is such a beautiful sculpt! I spent a lot of time just looking at it, thinking. I did not really achieve my vision, but done is done. This small dragon is applealing enough I may do another some day when I have more time to devote and hopefully more skill. Trying for a tropical look, stated with parrot colors, but that didn't work - and this was where I landed! 

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      He was a leftover from a group of pathfinder mini's I primed but forgot to finish from my last posting.

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