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Giving color a chipped look on purpose


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Hey there,

I'm about to paint a miniature for the newest PC addition to our DnD group. 

Problem is, he carries a shield. I want to make a pattern, possibly the Lord's Alliance one (background story isn't 100% solid yet), and I want the color to look like it has chipped off due to the shield being hastily painted and hit a lot.

Kinda like here: 


Is there a trick to get part of the color to peel off, other than freehanding the exact pattern?

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Yes, Chipping Medium.


I have the Vallejo Chipping Medium.

Used it for my Warturtle.


Basically..Paint the colour you want to shine through.

Then the chipping medium.

Then the newer colour that is supposed to go over it.

And then with a wet toothbrush you can chip away pieces of the newer layer and let the older layer shine through

Highlight the edges again.




I used it on the Howdah, for the rust to shine through.





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If you can't get your hands on Vallejo's Chipping Medium for whatever reason, you may be able to find crackle medium/paint from normie brands (I have one from the Tim Holtz Distress line) in craft stores. Aside from those, you can use hairspray and/or hairspray with salt. Check out Massive Voodoo's tutorials on it. Just google "Massive Voodoo weathering with hairspray" and the top 2 results should be the hairspray only method and the hairspray/salt combo.

(I would link you directly, but I believe since they do sell art through the MV blog that it would break the no commerce links rule.)

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Another option is to paint on the chipped effect and battle damage plus some well placed highlights. You can either paint them on with a brush (like I did in the shield below) or stipple them on using a torn off piece of foam, the ones which usually come with the minis. The battle damage were painted lines with the bottom portion highlighted.



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Thank you all for your replies, that's more than I had hoped for.


@Glitterwolf : after the water is used to take away the color in a somewhat controlled fashion, I can seal the part normally and I won't have to be afraid of it chipping even more on it's own, right? Other than that, this seems to be a very useful product, especially considering I have a ghoul army with bloody faces to paint later on. I could see this working well with getting random blood smears over a face or something.


@Guindyloo : most "normie" brands are even harder to find for me, since I don't live in the states. And I'm kinda hesistant to try products I think could work similarly from our craft stores. I will go look at that tutorial tomorrow.


@junex : this is a gorgeous shield. I still don't feel super comfortable in my free hand ability, and I'm hesitant to do too much of it on PC models, given how long the player has to stick with that one. 

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@Nunae you can seal the part afterwards without a problem.


It is very important to use a WET toothbush or a similar tool.

The reaction and the brushing causes the chipping.

When all is done and dry again, I sealed my turtle with Reaper Brush on Sealer without any problems.

A soft brush will not chip it.


You could look at some other youtube clips about it.

I used it on my War Turtle, look at the WIP in the Lost World Project.

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